Here’s a book that I think might intrigue my male readers. Brent Kenton Jordan has written The Chivalry Code: Discussions on Becoming a Man in a Modern World. Now, before you think this is another “be a man” guide, remember that this is the same man who wrote Stripped: Twenty Years of Secrets from Inside the Strip Club.

A discussion on chivalrous philosophy created by a man who has spent most of his life watching men at their worst is an intriguing idea – to me. The Chivalry Code is on my buy/read list. It sounds like a Robert Greene-style of book with a less-than-academic twist.

This is blatant free plug for Brent’s book. I know him. A little. I approached him cold, through e-mail, more than a year ago. He’s been very nice to me and has patiently answered my questions. We’ve never met. The book would be on my list even if I didn’t know him; it’s just likely I would not have heard about it.

6 thoughts on “modern chivalry

  1. Ian,

    Brent has given me some behind-the-scenes help and he was very nice to me when the book was still only a file on my computer. And, he’s writing in a very simliar genre as me. So he gets some love because he gave it.

    Your book sounds funny. It is supposed to be humor, right? Feel free to drop links into your comments when appropiate. I’m not going to delete them unless you’re trying to sell Viagra or something.


  2. Ian,

    Nothing wrong with it.

    I’ve noticed a lot of blogs doing a “free link” or “free evaulation” thing. Maybe I should do that too, on some topic or another. Books/writing, most likely.


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