7 thoughts on “yes, I ate them

  1. I was in Italy and everyone had on Simpson’s tshirts and drank Duff beer. It was like reliving the 90s in the US.

  2. Quite an advertising campaign to get the kids (and adults) eating donuts I guess. Who actually markets them and how did they manage to get the license to use the Homer Simpsons? Must have cost a fortune.

    I guess there is money in donuts!!

  3. Adirec,

    It wasn’t an advertising campaign, simply boxes of doughnuts on the shelf — very business as usual. I think it’s the popularity of The Simpsons over here that led to Simpsons brand doughnuts! I found them in my local ASDA, which is part of the Wal-Mart family.

    As much stuff as The Simpsons has merchandised, I’m not sure it’s that expensive. But the doughnuts ARE classic! And yes, they sell them every day it seems. Just another brand of doughnut here.


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