For what it’s worth, I’ve finally broken down and joined Twitter. Yet another login/password to remember and another online service to pay attention to. Though it’ll be handy when I’m traveling and can just phone it in. Literally!

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  1. I’m on Twitter too – you can follow me as ianthealy. I update, uh, frequently – because I have no life. LOL

    Also, to keep from getting spammed, I suggest you make your account private where you have to approve follower requests. 🙂


  2. Ian,

    I will follow you. By the way, thanks for the tip about approving followers, I’ve already gotten a TON of followers that I don’t know. I was wondering about that. (Was really hoping I was just popular.)


  3. Ian – actually, people who follow you can’t spam you unless you follow them back. That’s why I’ve never understood the point of Twitter spam accounts – I let ’em follow me all they want, but I’m not following them, which means their spam goes exactly nowhere.

  4. Aspasia,

    Can you split your Twitter feeds, some private some not? Or would I just have to set up a whole other private Twitter?


    PS: I’m still learning the thing. I often have to dig around to find my Twitter update box.

  5. I think the closest you can come to splitting your Twitter feds is to do direct messages to people you are following and are following you. Like, you would have to friend/follow me (which you still need to do, missy! :P) to send a direct message that only I can see or whoever you’re sending it to. But I can see that becoming a complete pain in the ass if you want to send a lot of people the same private message because you’d have to do separate private messages for each person.

  6. Aspasia,

    Thanks for clearing that up! I’m glad you understand Twitter more than me. So it looks like the simplest way of doing private notes is to simply create a private account and invite specific people to follow.

    Actually, this would be a great group-notification system, like for SWOP or something.

    I will follow you, my smiling libertine!


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