So now I’m a professional blogger, I guess. My blog post about Kushiel’s Dart and how it affected my approach to my work was selected to appear in an anthology on prostitution. They paid me and everything. I have a copy of the book at home, though I haven’t cracked it yet (Gillette got an essay in there too).

I like this because it was pretty painless. All I have to do is blog for several more years and I’ll have a book! (That was a joke.)

UPDATE: Jacqueline Carey mentioned on her November homepage updates. I’m so flattered. I still probably won’t be able to speak should I get to attend another book-signing of hers.

10 thoughts on “my first anthology

  1. Nice!

    I’m still strictly amateur myself – blogging in back alleys for the occasional comment and trying to pick up random strangers on the street. “Hey, honey, want to have a good time and read my blog?” 😀

  2. David,

    Thanks! It was thrilling!


    Watch out, you don’t want to get arrested for loitering! Don’t be offended if someone does offer you money for your loose blogging.


  3. Hmmm. And what label should we apply to a woman who is able to captivate a man with the stroke of a pen???
    Wonderful piece of writing, Amanda. Good job.


  4. Bob,

    Thank you!

    I’m not sure what to call a seductress of writing. I’m sure there is a name though — it’s a fine tradition going back through hundreds of years of love letters, poetry and pillow books by women.


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