There was a radio show that I should’ve called in to. It featured two pimps discussing their business. I listened to the podcast until I got so mad I couldn’t listen any more. So the following is based on a small part of the show. Not my most informed moment, but then, I can’t say I really care if I somehow harm the perception of pimps with my ignorance.

What amazed and irritated me the most was how the pimps seemed to believe they were providing business for their girls. When was the last time a man approached them asking for a blowjob? Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty damn sure that without any women, the pimps would have no business.

My belief is that the business follows the pussy, not the pimp.

They used all sorts of corporate jargon to make themselves sound like legitimate and good employers. While these two pimps came across as fairly sharp, the fundamental fact remains that they’re not employers. Not unless their women can give two weeks notice and leave, have access to health insurance, maybe a 401k and earn most of they bring in (minus taxes). This is not how pimps operate.

One of the hosts tried to pin them down on the earnings issue (how much do the girls get to keep) but the question was sidestepped. Maybe later in the show the question was addressed. I don’t know, I didn’t have the patience to listen that far. I became infuriated pretty quickly.

I love the belief all pimps seem to share: only they (almost always uneducated and from a poor background) can teach a dumb pussy how to talk to a rich man. I’d like to know where they get their information. Lifetime subscriptions to The Robb Report and Town & Country? An excess of Robin Leach? Secret training sessions with Donald Trump?

I’d love to liberate all the women working under pimps, teach them they can run their own business and reap the rewards. If they still want to support a man with their earnings, fine. But it should be a choice, not because they were emotionally coerced to believe the only man who can possibly love them is one who takes all their money and forces them to earn more.

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  1. So they were pimps, not agency bookers? Because I can see the value in agency if the escort does not want to deal with administrative part/advertising, and doesn’t care much for control.

    P.S. Did you get my email?

  2. Thais,

    They were most assuredly pimps. They worked the street — maybe they advertised online, I didn’t get that far to find out.


    PS: Yes, and I will respond.

  3. I’m so glad I didn’t hear that show … I’m getting pissed just reading your brief mention of it.

    Ah … would that WE ruled the world, even for a day, how much better off so many women would be. I’d vote for you Amanda, whatever office you ran for!

    xo ~ casey

  4. Casey,

    I lasted about 15 minutes and I ended up ripping my earbuds out and throwing them across the kitchen (I listen to podcasts while doing the dishes). This post would’ve been funnier if I’d recorded everything I said right after that.

    Thanks for your vote Casey! No office for me, I’m lazy. Just being allowed to do my own thing without men’s rules/ideas getting in my way would be fine with me.


  5. Oh man I am glad I didn’t hear it either. It is uncommon out here in Vegas for a girl to NOT have a pimp. It sickens me. I know a lot of girls and the ones I can count who don’t have pimps I could count on one hand maybe two. Its a horrible thing and out here these men do NOTHING for the women. Not even protect them… except maybe from other pimps. The girls a lot of times drive themselves around, accept calls from agencies they work for, and work the whole deal in the room never with the help of the pimp. Quite a few are driven around by their pimp because they are too dumb to even learn the easy streets of Las Vegas… plus they want a tight reign on them. I have been in rooms where the girl needed to get out of the room and the pimp refused to get the girl because he looks like he stepped out of a rap video and would never make it through the casino/hotel.
    I have actually had one or two girls try to convince me how they “needed” their pimp and how they do good for them… it only made me see how ignorant and stupid they were. Like you need a pimp to get you a job at a good service? Whatever…. if you look decent you need no help getting the good calls. UGH ok now I am peeved

  6. I like to think that an agency can only do business if it does a good job promoting the girls. And both sides stand to make money if they do their part properly. The service weeds out the time-wasters and cranks and sets up dates that will not flake with good clients. The girl does her part to maintain the agency reputation by being on time, pleasant and show the client a good time.

    However, dealing with advertising and phone calls is not much fun. Taking care of that is really valuable service.

  7. “Because I can see the value in agency…”

    Seems to me though that an agency isn’t anything like a pimp. (Except, it sounds like, maybe Las Vegas — geez! But even there you can quit and own your off time.) Point being that agencies are a standard business model that’s often used pretty much the same for everything from computer repair to strip-o-grams to vacation-condo rentals… and as far as I know condo services, or even escort services, don’t beat you up when you say boo.

    Cool post Amanda.


  8. Figleaf,

    Bad agencies are indeed like pimps. They coerce their employees to take clients they don’t want, hold their money hostage and often require their employees to have sex with them and their buddies. While I don’t know that many agency owners physically assault their employees (though I’m sure it has happened), they don’t provide for the girls’ safety when seeing clients and girls do get raped and beaten.

    Good agencies offer a lot of advantages. Bad agencies do not. They are a lot like pimps, minus the supposed “relationship.”


  9. Funny that i stubbled upon your blog! I have your book on order. . . .
    Im very happy also as, well, im new to the industry and blogging in general. I really like the fact that you’ve been there, and you are truly expressive!!
    I appreciate it very much and im sure i will learn alot from you 🙂

  10. I can say only a few good things about pimps, one they put a girl who is a sex worker on a pedastal above a square girl. A square guy will never truly accept a escort, he will dump you for a square girl in a hot minute. that is a lot to ask a man for him to accept you f-cking and s-cking strange men. Also a good pimp instills in a girl to use condoms religiously. They are a lot of simps, drug dealer types, wanna be rappers and assorted as-hol-s! The solution either lie about what you do or “turn out your own pimp” reprogram a nice fellows mind to accept what you do and buy him some nice clothes put him through (college) school and eventually marry him and retire lol. (A cute fantasy.) But you can get a good education from a old school madam or pimp but with a pimp if you leave you leave broke or close to it but then again a lot of girls without pimps wind up broke too. If it was legalized you could get a prenuptial (like if your married or living with someone) or pimpnuptial agreement so no one winds up broke lol!!! Everyone in this industry should have more love for one another and mandate safe sex, let’s keep it safe and fair. Let’s set new guidelines for us and our future or current mates! Because regular square guys are not going to accept a prostitute for a long term relationship unless you literally “brainwash” them! They have to a have just a little bit of “pimp” in them.

  11. Shannon,

    Interesting points — once again.

    A pimpnuptial — I like that because it protects the girl. That’s my main concern here. I totally understand some people will want to take care of someone else through their sex work. The element of exploitation is what I have major issue with. Decrimin would help here too — as everyone but the civilian world seems to understand.

    Pimps might put their girl on a pedestal and I understand the appeal. But that feeling is not enough motivation for me under the current behavior of most pimps. I’m a “doing it for herself” type of girl.

    Pimps as safer sex advocates — okay, I’ll give a lot of credit to that. As long as they teach real safety and aren’t going on myths (like using 2 condoms as double-protection), then that is a valuable service. Under decrim, maybe pimps can be exploited as safer sex teachers!

    But…I’m also about to try something different and pimp-like myself: working in a legal brothel. Stay tuned.


  12. Amanda you are a fairly bright woman however you wrote ” My belief is that the business follows the pussy not the pimp.” I must disagree. The business follows the time honored techniques, gaming skills and knowledge of the biz not the pussy.

    You have so many uneducated providers following wanstitutes, simps (fake pimps), squares, tricks and clients. They don’t get the money they should get and do all sorts of stuff that they do not have to do.

    So a woman must get the proper education first and have at least a years experience before she can even claim to be mildly proficient at the business. The pussy is bait, but it does not mean she will get paid properly if she no game nor knowledge. Every woman has a pussy but hardly any today have any real gaming skills. If a trick has more game then her she might wind up getting little or no money.

    Whoever she gets that knowledge from now it could be a pimp, a madam or a vet escort or hooker she must learn just like any other apprentice. For example learning how to be an electrician, plumber, nurse or computer technician one must learn from a great teacher to be great at their chosen profession! So it is the knowledge, experience and the game a woman has instilled in her that will have a client (business) follow her and happily hand over his bankroll to her.

  13. Cash,

    Independent escorts would not be successful if pimps were a requirement for success. However I do agree that knowledge of your business (whatever that may be) IS a requirement for success.

    One thing that the Internet has done is taken away the mentorship that has traditionally been an introduction to the business. I think this has caused a lot of needless harm. By mentorship, I mean exactly that — not to be confused with a pimp’s training. Even worse, a lot of girls get “mentored” by their potential clients on discussion boards. I think I know what you think about that! And I do too. It’s naive and causes major problems.

    The only disagreement we really have is that I don’t feel pimps are the best answer. I’m more for the “sisters doing it for themselves” viewpoint.


  14. They have lifestyle dominatrixes that have a stable of men as slaves they beat them, brainwash them, torture these men, have the men perform homosexual acts to amuse her and her friends and the men are financial slaves who turn over there life savings and paychecks to her. I get tired of hearing indies cry about pimps because the average pimp today is a harmless choir boy or glorified gigilo when compared to a real lifestyle dominatrix.

  15. Malcom,

    The relationship between a domme and sub is entered into completely consenually and with full knowledge from the sub of what’s about to happen. Subs usually control the action as well.

    D/s relationship have nothing to do with pimping. I’m not even sure why you made the comparision. I’ve never heard of anyone else making the same connection you did — possibly because there really is NOT a connection.

  16. You are absolutely right as far as regular doms and subs where the sub has a safe word and he is paying for a service like a provider and client. But real lifestyle d’s OH BOY watch out there is outright slavery at times. Now if you want to argue they are consenting to being finacial slaves and that’s ok well if a prostitute willingly gives her money to a pimp what makes that any different or wrong?

  17. I will have to agree with Malcolm as far as lifestyle doms. Some of these subs are slowly brainwashed into the scene and lose everything as far as property, money etc. it is a little over the top and crazy like a cult. But a regular dom is no different than any other sex worker when the hour is up the fantasy is over it is a just a service. They also have lifestyle masters a male version of a dom. Some of the masters are just as abusive and manipulative as the lifestyle doms. Malcolm it is just more socially acceptable for a woman to take money from a man, abuse or take advantage of him than a man to take money from a woman. Most the women in the biz especially ones who don’t like pimps are always on a womans side no matter what she does (right or wrong) to a man and they are always against a man who has the upper hand over a woman. Some of the women in the biz are bisexual or gay so a lot of them have absolutely no use for a man unless he is a paying client. A lot of them have no desire to be with a man in a relationship. I would not go as far as saying they hate men but a lot of them certainly don’t like men. So if you bring up a logical point they will simply ignore you and resent you for bringing it up.

  18. I simply think his point is stupid, that’s all. There are a lot more women being harmed in this business than a few submissive men who take it too far. These women are my concern. He can start a support group for submissive men elsewhere.

  19. You have a right to your opinion Miss Brooks and I am not trying to start a support group for submissive men but that is very funny! Shannon S made the best point a large percentage of women who are in this sex business are on some pro-woman anti-man sentiment and they don’t like men unless that man is a paying john. It is obvious in their statements and actions, though when confronted most will deny it or temporarily conceal their anti-man attitude . You are OK with a woman taking a man’s money but not OK with a man taking a woman’s money. Myself I really don’t care but I do get tired of hearing people whine especially women prostitutes crying about the big bad pimp syndrome. Most of these women who whine don’t have any kind of man other than one in a financially exploitive relationship (sugar daddy, johns). I could care less about pimps one way or another (except where force or violence is used or underage minors are involved). But I find it amusing that the women who cry most about pimps being financial exploiters are usually financial exploiters themselves and are hypocrites and shitheels. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. I believe you fall into this category Miss Brooks. I don’t think you have a healthy attitude towards men which I would have to guess you don’t have a man and if you don’t change your attitude you will never have one. No man will ever want a woman with a anti-man attitude irregardless if they are a prostitute or not. Not even a pimp would want a woman with that attitude and a good man would not give you the right time of day once they see what you are about. A good man will have nothing to do with a shrew. So unless a woman with a anti-man attitude changes that attitude or chooses the lesbian route (from which I gather many eventually do choose the gay route) she will have a very miserable lonely life. Have a good day.

  20. AMANDA BROOKS QUOTE: “I’d love to liberate all the women working under pimps, teach them they can run their own business and reap the rewards. If they still want to support a man with their earnings, fine. But it should be a choice, not because they were emotionally coerced to believe the only man who can possibly love them is one who takes all their money and forces them to earn more.” UNQUOTE
    As a real Pimp I’d love to liberate all the lonely hookers who want a man in their life (and that includes you Amanda Brooks) who will truly appreciate them for who they are and inspire her to be the best she can be. Stop supporting square deadbeat guys who have no true understanding of THE LIFE! Or even worst stop being alone and seeking affection from a trick. A prostitute who hooks up with a trick to be her boyfriend or husband is doomed to fail. A prostitute who is alone without a man is doomed to fail in life. Disregard all previous myths, notions and misconceptions in the storeroom of your mind and seek real enlightenment. Also the women who are prostitutes and don’t like men may I suggest get the hell out of the Game you are not wanted, all you do is give the game a black eye. I have nothing against lesbians but they should stay in their own subculture they have no legitimate place in the Game. I have nothing against two women practicing sexual variations together however when a women feels a woman can play the part of a man it becomes a perversion and a beast way of life that damages a woman’s natural attraction to men. Most of the so-called renegades have been misguided and taught wrong. They are practicing unsafe sex and tongue kissing tricks and spreading std’s. They are taught to hate PIMPS and wind up disliking men. In many states prostitution is a felony for just the second offense (Illonois, New Jersey) Arizona is a felony the 4th time, Texas I believe it is a state jail felony the forth time and Pennsylvania a 4th offense can get you 5 years in prison. This is because of the drug addicts and renegades doing unprotected sex acts. I have lawyers who know how to get around these laws. What is the point in doing this if you are living like a square and even worse you are alone with no worthwhile man. Most of you never even met a real PIMP. You only heard the B.S. that renegades and haters say. Pimping is real and has made a great comeback and is back by popular demand. A lot of the girls who say they are independant are just saying that so the haters won’t hate on them but guess what they have some REAL PIMPING IN THEIR LIFE AND ARE HAPPY WITH THEIR MAN!!! Oh and this is by choice not force contrary to all thoses lies you heard, yes Amanda Brooks we don’t force a woman to do anything they are proud to be with a PIMP and proud to pay a PIMP. Some women love their man more than money. So stop hating the only man who will truly love, inspire and accept you for who you are and what you are. A square can never substitute for a real Pimp. So stop listening to the lies and choose some PIMPING! Either you are down all the way or you are just in the way!!! We are getting stronger everyday, every minute! Pimping is back by popular demand!! Renegades who do unsafe sex acts are about to be extinct and excommunicated out of the Life. The Game is real! PIMPING AND HOEING IS THE BEST THING GOING!!! PIMPS ARE NOT THE BICYCLE FISH NEED BUT PIMPS ARE THE VEHICLE A REAL PROSTITUTE WANTS AND NEEDS!!!

    REAL PIMPIN’……………

  21. Real Pimping,

    The title of this post comes from Gloria Steinem: “A woman needs a man likes a fish needs a bicycle.” (It is also attributed to Florynce Kennedy.)

    No woman — in this business or not — NEEDS a man. That includes me. Human beings like to have partners in their life because it feels good. Being tied down to someone else is not a prerequisite for living, though.


  22. Amanda Brooks

    Gloria Steinem is a famous woman and one of the pioneers in the feminist movement. She worked in the Playboy Club as a Playboy Bunny and she objected the way the women were treated. She went on to fight for womens rights. Unfortunately Ms.Steinem comes from the traditional feminist movement and the train of thought which embraces the philosophy that any type of sexual encounter involving a man giving a woman money is a no no and taboo. She is a extremely poor example of a feminist hero for sex workers so I can’t understand why you would want to put any one of her quotes or anything similiar as a title to your blog. If you would like to check out a strong woman who is for sex worker decriminalization, check out Angela Davis (but she is still a square). Also check out hater feminist Andrea Dworkin she was a real big time hater of the sex trade and a hypocrite. Her bullshit did more to mess up women than to help them, she was whacked out! Almost all feminists are against porn and prostitution so don’t delude yourself to think they are your friends, they want to see you square up or see you in jail Amanda because they are squares and that is how they are built. As far as NEEDS. Food, water, shelter and clothing are an immediate need. However lack of a man for a woman will have an effect eventually epecially a prostitute so it is a need in the long run rather than the short run. Plus I did mean a need to a have a happy, fulfilled and productive life. I would like to address the fact that indies aka renegades (prostitutes without a real PIMP) are the ones doing bbbj, dfk, daty and other unsafe practices. Women with real Pimps are forbidden to do this Amanda Brooks. The Game is getting saturated with a lot of these losers who do unsafe stuff and you have men who are not Pimps but squares that promote these practices too. Square escort service and brothel owners (male and female) who insist on a girl to be “GFE friendly” (which for the most part is dfk and bbbj). There are to many squares ranking the Game! My e-mail is always open to you or any of the ladies who want to communicate with me and share your thoughts.

  23. Real Pimpin,

    I’m perfectly aware of Steinem’s ideas toward sex and sex work BUT I like the quote so I used it. If you said something memorable and pithy like that, I’d quote you too.

    I’m also perfectly aware that mainstream feminists are not friends of sex workers. I have NO illusions there. None.

    If you’ve read enough of my writings, you’ll see I have issues with the whole GFE thing too — mostly because it’s something men have created in an effort to control independent women. Men don’t like women to have total control of their bodies or their actions. Review boards for indie workers gave men a way to control women. Many women fall for that control; some buck the system and do whatever they want. I only have a problem with this if unsafe sex practices are something she does because she thinks that’s the only way she can make money. If she and he simply want to take that risk — okay. Lots of civilians take the same risks every day by choice. It’s the idea of control and coercion I take issue with, though unsafe sex is unsafe sex — period.


  24. Amanda Brooks I am glad we can see eye to eye on at least one or two issues. But when you say men let us group them into two categories real Pimps and tricks/squares. Now let us not bite the hand that feeds us. They are good tricks who are happy to play by the rules of safe sex. They are nice guys who just want to spend some money and have a good time. A lot of them have a wife or girlfriend (or both) and they would not want to do gfe, dfk and bbbj with a prostitute they will do that with their wife or girlfriend. When they see a professional sex worker they just want to have sex and safe sex at that. A prostitutes skills should be up to par with a condom. A good trick is worthy of the title client. The rest of those scheming ass tricks are some sneaky, lying, haggling, weak lames. They will always try and test a girl with their bullshit. I know ways for a girl to flip the script and outplay even the most conniving, cunning and sneaky trick. Then you have the squares (you refer to as civilians). They fall into the male and female categories. You have women who actually take advice from these people. A prostitute taking advice from a trick? If you were a Dr. would you take advice from a patient how to do surgery on him or her? HELL NO!!! Then they learn the Game all wrong. Amanda Brooks we cannot compare ourselves with squares (civilians). Squares will do all sorts of unsafe, nasty, freak stuff so I can’t co-sign any type of bbbj gfe type stuff with a professional Hoe (short for whore sounds nicer like Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas lol). Real Pimps and Hoes are royality. We are Kings and Queens, we are Masters of the SEX GAME!!! So we cannot be on a square level we must hold and maintain higher standards so don’t co-sign none of that B.S. Amanda Brooks you know it is wrong don’t be swayed to say it is OK for a real professional prostitute to do bbbj gfe dfk! Also the real issue is gfe bbbj dfk is unsafe! The issue about tricks created it to control women is not a issue tricks created it because they are weak and like the way it feels and unscrupulous service and incall owners (male and female, almost all of them squares) promote it because there is a market for it and they can make money off it they don’t care, also women who haver no principles do unsafe sex to cut other providers throats in the Game by lowering prices and giving head raw. Let us not forget about the dope fiends and crackhead women who will do anything bareback. Plus the worst part is these idiots advertise it on the net bringing more heat from L.E. Now doctors and lawyers have to go to school and get degrees and licenses. They must study and pass tests. We must have the same standards, we are professionals. I also think you have a misconception of what a real true Pimp is. A real Pimp-Prostitute relationship is a personal and business realtionship all wrapped up in one. It is similiar to being married in some aspects. A woman wants to be with that man, she likes and usually loves that man. He likes and yes even loves that woman especially if you have been together for years and have any children. A real Pimp is not a Madam. A Pimp is a man and a Madam is a woman. A man that owns a escort service or brothel is not usually a real Pimp. Pimps get 100% from their woman but have to pay all the bills which a lot of times is more than 50% or 60%. it is aan expensive lifestyle because women with Pimps today want to shine with their man and rightfully so this is 2008. Let us all encourage safe sex if a guy wants to have gfe let him go out and put the time and effort to find him a real girlfriend. Also the fake simps and fake madams (unscrupulous male and female service and incall owners) need to be dealt with for pressuring and coercing women to do unsafe sex or dealing with minors. If you are in a manager position and also function in a teachers or mentors role you have a obligation to learn this business correct first and then teach it correctly. If a woman is stupid enough to take advice or be conned by a trick shame on her. BUT when someone claims fame to the game of Pimping or being a Madam they have an obligation to live up to those standards and give the right advice to a woman in this Game. It is a honor and a blessing to be in this Game! Review boards are B.S. too. Everyones business is nobodies business it gives LE the ammo to arrest and prosecute. These asshole tricks describe every damn detail of the encounter on those review boards. The bad tricks, the fake simps and wanstitutes are out of control. They must be put in check! United we stand divided we fall!! Also what do you think of the snitching epedemic where when a provider gets arrested they snitch on everyone and their brother to try to avoid a day or two in jail and a fine?

  25. Real Pimpin,

    I do agree there are “tricks” and there are “clients.” Clients are good and what every escort wants.

    Big question: do you consider yourself a sex worker activist? I ask this because some of your philosophy is the same, yet at the same time you make your living from women working for you. I’m curious. You have a conflicting mix going on.


  26. I consider myself an activist for the real people in The Life. I make a living off being true to The Game/The Life so there is no conflict! If you own a McDonalds you do need workers but you make a living off of being a smart businessman not so much the workers. Now look at Starbucks they allow the workers to buy stock in the company and upgrade their positions plus they have a way better worker morale and atmosphere than McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell. Not everyone is cut out to be a boss, CEO or a president. Some folks like being workers because they just don’t have it in them to do otherwise but some move on to become high power executives and owners. It is not about men’s rights or women’s rights Amanda Brooks why it is about HUMAN rights. However I lean more towards my own kind, men and women in the Game (who are true to the game) and are concerned about their rights. There is no conflict and I don’t think you have any real conflict either as our communication has shed some light on what you are about. I think you like some feminist values but you are not a true feminist. You are basically a good human being with a good heart who is still growing and learning as a human being. I myself am still growing and learning as we should as long as we live and continue to progress! We can learn from all social or political movements and subcultures and sometimes adopt one or two of their values even if we don’t agree wholeheartedly with that subcultures political agenda. I am me and you are you, each one must teach one! Open your mind and heart and be enlightened, wake up in the morning look in the mirror and say I love you. Be happy you are alive and healthy because when we are alive and healthy it is a great DAY INDEED!!!! Then wealth will follow and not just material wealth but an abundance of happiness, joy and peace. Happiness is SO important especially in a modern day prostitutes life. Why did you know Amanda Brooks there is nothing more beautiful than a Happy Hooker!!! Like I said before feel free to e-mail me I am a gentleman (which seems to be a lost forgotten art with most of the male species today) and will be happy to hear from you. Plus certain things I would rather share with you privately rather than on a public forum.

    P.S. Oh you never elaborated on the snitch epedemic which is people in The Life turning other people in The Life into LE (treason).

    P.S.S. Can you keep a secret Amanda Brooks?

  27. Real Pimpin,

    I’ve long considered myself a real feminist because I consider sex work to be the most profound feminist statement one could make. However, in light of my recent feminist re-education, I’m not entirely comfortable using the word to describe myself.

    I love happy hookers too!

    The “snitch” epidemic? It’s not an epidemic, it’s always happened. There are always people willing to throw others under the bus to save their own skins. I’m not sure why you see this as a recent thing.

    I can keep secrets. Confidenitiality is part of being a good sex worker.


  28. Yeah I think it is pretty retarded to have a pimp although I myself was brain washed for 3yrs in cali… however In Vegas you kind of do need a pimp, because it is a lot easier to get caught in Las Vegas. You could be literealy JUST be walkking down the street and be arrested. Pimps in vegas know the ins and outs of the city and other need to know things… I do not see the point of pimps except for in Las Vegas

  29. I agree with Amanda you don’t need a Pimp to sell pussy anymore than you NEED to have a relationship with a man. But a prostitute is still a woman and a woman will WANT a man in her life unless she is gay or messed up mentally. Pimps are just about the only man who will accept his woman being a prostitute. That is a fact. Everytime I see a woman in the Life go with a trick and try to turn him into a boyfriend it never works, as a matter of fact it usually winds up being a disaster. For one a square guy will want her to quit the Game which is going against her true nature as a prostitute. If she does quit she will wind up in most cases going broke. Plus he is still a trick with trick values and he will see other women behind your back 99% of the time. Then if you do retire and try to settle down with a trick it won’t work either. The first major argument you have with him and he will throw your past up to your face and call you “a dirty, c-cksucking, lowlife whore”. So I feel for a woman in the biz because you are stuck between a rock and a hardplace. You either gamble on a relationship with a Pimp and hope he is not a simp or some tyrant. If it works out it can be a wonderful thing. Or otherwise you will be alone. You can have some square guy who you lie too about what you do but you know that is a bummer because he really don’t like you for who you really and truly are a prostitute, a escort, a harlot, a provider, a HOE!! No he likes what you are pretending you are and he might KILL you if he finds out what you really are because that is how squares are brainwashed to be. It is sad that it is a double standard because a Pimp can retire and they are a lot square women who will accept his past faster than a square guy will accept a prostitute’s past. But what can I say mainsteam square society is for the most part a bunch of phonies and hypocrites.

  30. RP,

    Think you’ve already covered this here before.

    Don’t make sweeping generalizations about why a person may or may not want a romantic relationship with another person. There are a lot of solid reasons to have one, and a lot of solid reasons NOT to have one. We all do need human relationships and contact of some kind though, even if not romantic.

    Starting a relationship with a client is ill-advised (been there, done that). But pimps aren’t the only one willing to accept a woman as a sex worker. It’s just a lot harder to find the regular men out there who will. They are out there though — I know girls in these relationships. It’s certainly a lot more equal than a relationship with a pimp.

    Yeah, mainstream society is filled with a lot of hypocrisy. You’re RIGHT about that!


  31. AB,

    Well let’s cover it again. The only man who will fully accept his woman being a prostitute 99.99% of the time is a true Pimp. I am sure there are a few exceptions but is very, very rare indeed. In a perfect world being a prostitute would be looked at as just a job or profession by all men. But unfortunately this is the real imperfect world we live in and square men only want a prostitute for her services not for a girlfriend or wife. The only things you really don’t like about Pimps Amanda is the financial arrangement and the few as-hole simps who are violent or mess with minors.

    Sincerely Your Friendly Neighborhood Pimp, RP

  32. Miss Brooks I offered my opinion and I didn’t attack you. A lot of women in this industry have their ups and downs including you and I. But I feel they are better more successful people who can really claim to ba an authority in this business. If you took offense I apoligize.

    Now as far as Count reaching out to me. I met him, he was a total gentlemen, we went out to dinner and we had a great time. I do like him and I am very happy to have met him. I do think the both of you get a little childish with one another when you have a disagreement. But to say you will happily turn any information you have to the authorities puts you in a tattletale category and is a bit over the top. He never solicited me to do anything illicit over your forum or any e-mails we exchanged. We met and he answered a lot of questions pertaining to his lifestyle.

    I see one of the problems in this industry is the lack of unity. I am not doing so wonderful finacially and romantically myself Miss Brooks. I am comfortable but I want to improve. But again I feel people who have had way more success in the business than you or even me would be better authorities to teach a woman how to be successful as a sex worker.

  33. Carla,

    I did not say that you attacked me. I responded to you as part of a dialogue. Yes, you get a different level of response as a perfect stranger than as someone I know. Becoming someone I know merely takes time. This is true with almost any blog one can comment on — the writer has a different dialogue with those they know.

    As for the pimp thing, this has been ongoing for a while. I don’t know why they insist on commenting here — if they are serious about discussing pimping online, they can pay for their own webhosting and get their own blog (or do a free blog). I am NOT paying money out of my pocket to host a forum for pimps.

    And yes, recruiting someone off my site and across state lines to work as a prostitute is indeed a felony. I will not be party to that. If you think that’s childish, fine. This is where I draw the line because it steps beyond words online and into real people, real lives, real effects.

    This is my blog. As with most blogs, it is not a democracy. I’m very open to the concept of free speech. Free speech — as defined by law — stops when it impacts someone else. Recruiting crosses that line. Opinion-sharing, debate, discussion of your own life does not.

    As for the discussion of authority/success (which I’ve certainly touched on before), the fact that I’m standing up and speaking seems to put me in the “authority” role whether I’m comfortable there or not. If some of these other escorts whom you feel are far more successful than me want to be considered authorities in the public eye, then they are welcome to stand up too.

    Consider that we’re working from two different definitions of success. Right now, success would mean not having to consider locking down my blog and being able to publicly work without worrying about being a target. So there, you’re right. I’m not successful. Too late to melt back into the woodwork and merely wish things would be different without doing something about it.

  34. Well I do not agree with you at all………………………Here is my points to you.


  35. Very interesting post and though I am not a big fans of procurors I have to say RP has some valid points. The procuror and the provider seem to be a natural team and significant other for each other. This post gave me insight that I never had before and RP and some of the other people posting on here has opened up my mind to facts I never ever considered.

  36. Joe — There is no need at all for a pimp. None. Ever. None of the clients I’ve found (no matter how I found them) needed a pimp or asked me if I had a pimp to make the transaction easier for them. They were not interested in paying for a pimp. There is ZERO need for pimps. Clients are interested in interacting with women, not pimpy men. Pimps do not protect their women from violence or arrest. They offer no job security or any benefits for taking the womens’ earnings. There is zero benefit for a woman supporting a pimp.

    Of the women I’ve known who left pimps, none have ever gone back once they realized they did much better on their own. Indie women aren’t clamoring to get hooked up with pimps. Pimps are useless and an utter waste of oxygen.

    If you consider your mind “opened” by pimps…actually, I can’t think of a nice way to finish this statement.

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