The whole Spizter mess has thrown the division between civilian women and sex workers into high relief, moreso than the DC Madam thing. (Maybe I’m more aware of it.)

Growing up, I participated in school sports. At the end of every game, the teams would line up and pass each other, hands out at waist level, meeting palm-to-palm and say “Good game” or “Good job” (imagine a really gentle high-five at waist level). Prayer started every game; this little ritual ended it. Most of the time the coaches would join the end of the line. Sitting out of the line was unthinkable – I don’t remember anyone doing it (though some girls didn’t touch everyone’s hands). It would’ve been heresy. Both boys and girls teams did this starting in Little Dribblers or T-Ball and all through high school.

I have to wonder, if I did the line today and the other players knew my history, would they still touch my hand and say “Good game”? Would they refuse? Would they say other things under their breath? Would some of them turn away because they had secrets? Would they see me as an equal player, though not equal in life?

Of all the girls’ hands that I touched, how many of them would be willing to extend it again in the spirit of sportsmanship and acknowledgement of an equal?

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’d still play with ya (pun mostly not intended). And I wouldn’t choose you last, either, because that’s a sucky thing to happen in sports.


  2. Ian,

    Thanks! 😉

    You’d choose me last for basketball. I was the kid who never paid attention and consistently scored for the other team. Basketball had too many rules for my liking.


  3. I was surprised to find out that the media are actually putting the information of the girl out there. I am more used to the media dehumanizing the other party involved.

    I would shake your hand. The closest that I have ever been to this situation is a girl that I went to high school supposedly working at a local strip joint. I never went there, but if I did I would not have thought less of her.

  4. Logtar,

    I’m not sure if she outed herself or not. It certainly doesn’t make life easier now that they’ve dug up an elementary schoolmate of hers. Geez.

    Always support your local strippers! 😉


  5. Amanda
    Just saw you on The OReiley Factor. You go girl. How are sales?

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