Filmed in July, I almost forgot that it was real. But I’m going to be in a CNBC documentary on high-end prostitution. Sometimes I’m excited about it, sometimes not.

It airs tonight at 10pm. I don’t even watch TV and don’t have cable (I was given a TV, but my DVD player is still in storage in another state).

And it seems that the blog post I wrote about “Amanda Brooks” was prescient (thanks to a friend for the link).

FYI: The show will re-air a few more times over the month of November. Go to its web page for the schedule (link above).

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  1. Long time, no speak, but wanted to drop a line and say I thought you presented your information well and proved to be a fair and realistic representative for many.

    I was not thrilled with the title as it reeks of negative connotation (“dirty” money) and didn’t really flow with the presentation of information, but hey…that was their flaw;)

    Great job A, and hope to catch up again soon;)


  2. Lily,

    Nice to hear from you! And thank you very much!

    The title, well, it’s a series of shows they’re doing about grey area economies and obviously they want people to watch the show. For once, if that was the worst thing about a portrayal of sex workers in the media…it’s a pretty small thing.


  3. I agree. From the many depictions I have seen over the years, this one (at least) lent more time to reality and voices of those who walk in the shoes than a media hound looking for a paycheck from yet another seedy story.

    Thanks for being a part of the good voice, and taking an educated and protective role for the industry. I hope it sparks more interest in the participation of decriminalization for those willing and able to make sound personal choices.


  4. After reading the latest couple of posts out of order and watching the show last night, I agree with Lily that for a mainstream media show, it was more objective and fair than I had expected. They even included some excellent comments in the last few minutes from some of the other interviewees decrying the false propaganda spread by the federal government and others.

    You looked and sounded very good – an excellent representation of people in the industry for those who don’t know about it. They even included a line about your books and a shot of one of the front covers.

    A couple things I thought were funny: the first line of the show, when the woman standing in front of Wall Street said something like “Most of what goes on here is open to public scrutiny…” Ha ha ha. And second, that in giving a run down of different forms of prostitution, they showed a shot of a peep show booth when they mentioned massage parlors.

    I had a few questions to ask you about your interview and how it was shown, but since you didn’t watch…oh well.

    Nice job.

  5. Lee,

    I DID get a chance to watch it last night. A friend TiVoed the show. So, a group of us girls gathered. It easily took at least 2hrs to get through the show as we kept pausing it to comment. (Thank you for your kind words.)

    The “ordering pizza” comment sparked a LOT of discussion.

    I’ve been told most of the rest of the series will focus on stuff Wall Street does, hence “Dirty Money”.

    Peep show/massage parlor, most people won’t know the difference. The neon sign of the girl made a good shot for the camera.

    Overall though, we agreed they did a very fair job of presenting a look at the high-end and touching on a lot of the issues surrounding sex work. Their comments at the end made it very CLEAR that sex work itself is so broad and varied that blanket assumptions or solutions are impossible to make. I hope more people pay attention to that and weren’t busy trying to remember escort web sites they wanted to look at after the show.

    Since I have seen it, go ahead and ask a question! I’ll try to answer…


  6. How much of the actual interview you did made it into the show? Do you think they were fair in how they spliced the clips of you? And how did CNBC and being interviewed by them compare to dealing with FOX?

    Another thought about the topic – it was on CNBC, so not only will the focus on the High End fit in with the rest of their series, but the whole network is focused on Wall Street and the like.

  7. Lee,

    I interviewed for an hour and my book reading lasted for almost two and they filmed the whole thing. So…very little of it was used. (Especially the street guy who started following me while I was walking into the store, he wanted to be on camera too.)

    It was a lot less nerve-racking than FOX. FOX is very professional though — at least behind the scenes. I’ve gotten more response from my FOX appearances — either they have a wider audience or their more-rabid audience acts on their opinions more. I don’t know.

    Yes, this show was the debut of their seris “Dirty Money”. The title wasn’t aimed at the show, it’s a whole series about Wall Street gone wild. Will be interesting to see what they do next!


  8. Wow, I must have missed alot. I watched Sunday night’s re-air & it was my first time watching the show. I didn’t see the book cover, hear the introduction to amanda, or hear any clips of the book read. Was the re-air completely different than what was run originally?!

    I was glued to the screen- I can’t believe I just missed it.

    In any event, Amanda, I felt you came across very intelligent, knowledgeable, and down to earth; but then I expected no different.

    Kuddos to you!

  9. Shoshana,

    They showed a second of the book (me unpacking them from a box) and no, no intro. Of all the websites shown, I REALLY wish they’d shown one of mine! But anyway, lessons learned. Such things will be detailed in a contract next time I’m on TV.

    Glad you liked the show! It was a pretty good treatment from the media.


  10. Very Happy to read the “sun is shinning” in the side bar and hoping to hear from you. I looked up air dates and I am going to set the DVR, XX

  11. We recorded the show and we think you did a wonderful job. Intelligent, and very well spoken. You continue to amaze us both. It was good to see you again if only on the tv. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, you deserve it. Hugs.

  12. thank you for letting me know,, I thought I had offended and lost a friend forever. you be safe and take care of yourself. I know you have had A LOT on your plate.

  13. On Sunday, January 18, Dirty Money will be aired again, for the info of those who didn’t catch it on earlier showings. Starring Amanda, of course :-).
    10pm EST.


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