It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so…

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1. Tagged by Aspasia and Lia.
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  • I’m not as gadget-friendly/technologically-advanced as people might think.
  • I have actually started drinking coffee, contrary to this post.
  • The massive pile of unanswered emails is now a daily guilt-trip.
  • I’ve learned to text and am just as quickly learning to dislike it. It’s actually making me appreciate an actual phone conversation more.
  • Freedom ain’t free.
  • I fear ridiculous things and am fearless where normal people won’t tread.
  • 4. Too tired to pass it on. Sorry. I’m not playing tag very well today.
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    6. yes

    16 thoughts on “tagged again

    1. Yay! Tagging is fun! So glad you are going to be on CNBC! I’ve already programmed my TIVO.

    2. Amanda,
      I guess I’m the last to know!!
      When are you on CNBC? Is it to sell Book 2?
      I wanna watch for it. Exciting.!


    3. Amanda,

      We all have our fears. You’d be surprised how many people have fears they think are ridiculous – clowns come to mind as a good example. Of course, there is also a big market for clown porn (or so I hear). Go figure.

      You know you are a true coffee addict when the baristas all over town make your favorite drink as soon as they see you walk in.

      I have way too many jobs to be this poor:)

      I’m still waiting for leisure suits to make a comeback.

      Ho-Hos are nature’s most perfect food.

      Tonight I’m going to tie little baskets all over my clothes and go to the Halloween party as a basket case.

      Take care,


    4. Bob,

      I announced it on Twitter, but haven’t publicized it quite yet. It does not air until 11/11 so I have a little time. That and I’m trying to get the book’s site in better order. It’s been sitting stale for the last 6 months. Yikes!


      Of course — start your own tag game. It’s free!


      I judge my fears as ridiculous simply because I don’t fear a lot of things most people do, and then freak out over really stupid things.

      Thanks for your list of things.

      Ho-hos? I wouldn’t accuse nature of producing those. I’m a Ding-Dong fan myself, though.


    5. Ding-dongs vs. Ho-Hos. That is one of the great battles of all time. I’ll just have to sample a few more before I decide:)

    6. What, no Twinkie lovers out there?

      Chocolate beats vanilla cake every time!


      PS: Part of my love for Ding-Dongs is the shiny silver foil wrapper. I also like the hockey-puck shape for some unidentified reason.

    7. Amanda, it was nice meeting you and having dinner with you Wednesday nite in LV. It was a crazy nite and I’ll never forget it. Thanks for the hug 🙂 And by the way, I love reading your blogs!


    8. I use to love Twinkies as a kid, but not anymore, same for Ding Dongs. I have a fear of clowns, the doll ones and the ones at the circus! :O

      Since we are talking about food favorites, I have a strong affinity for Marble Slab lately, the the ice creamery.

    9. Rich,

      So your taste has improved! Yes, a fan of Marble Slab or pretty much any ice cream joint, actually. And have discovered a cupcake store fairly close to me.


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