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I really didn’t think I was going to have to flail away on this topic again, but it seems I must. Michael (Mike) Meisenbach has hired John Brewington (an Arizona-licensed PI) to track down and harass anyone who has supported Shannon.

I received notices of ICANN violations on 12/30/13, seems someone took issue with the public contact info I have for several domains of mine (the info has been updated). Not to mention they managed to crash the server of one of my sites, something my web host was not happy with. Fortunately, I can now provide my host with more information on who caused the crash, along with a link to a court document which details these as the preferred harassment tactics of Brewington. But I’ve no doubt the harassment will go further after this posting. If nothing else, I have two confirmed, very loyal blog-readers.

Anyone who has written about Shannon being violently attacked by Michael (Mike) Meisenbach should keep reading. Mikey and John Brewington want to out you and cause you harm.

introducing the think tank

I believe that a third party posts fake reviews for Michael (Mike) Meisenbach under the improbable name of Judith Shockly (using a photo of beautiful Filipina star Judy Ann Santos) and has created a plethora of online profiles for Mikey (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, a shiny new website, and Lanyrd — where you can find out Mikey’s next speaking gigs!). That’s clearly part of the techie’s job as an online reputation-repair specialist in Arizona. As an added bonus, he gave a nice review for Paladin Investigations. But so far, the evidence tying the 37 year old to Brewington or Mikey is circumstantial (other than registering a domain for Brewington), which is why I’m not naming him.

John Brewington posts public threats under the name “Pale Horse.” He likes death a lot, hence, his preferred moniker of “Pale Horse.” PaleHorse (of course of course) is his handle on TER/TheBluePond/IndependentGirls as well.

Death-threat-loving palehorse John Brewington
Death-loving felon Brewington’s favorite Bible verse

He also sends threatening emails. Brewington has threatened others before and can’t even come up with new material for us. He’s also commented here to threaten me. And the final threat, this morning, impelled me to publish this post, which has been written and waiting for action since 12/31/13.

Brewington likes to work with fellow convicted felons Shawn Richeson and Tony Agerone, so please be aware. Brewington and Richeson are highly Googleable, in fact, Brewington has spewed himself all over the Net. You may want to have screen-cleaner handy.

social waterboarding

Mikey seems to believe he’s a victim of “social waterboarding,” a term I wish I’d come up with, but didn’t. However, unlike real waterboarding, which is torture and compels those being waterboarded to firstly, stop whining, and secondly, tell the truth; this type of waterboarding apparently has the opposite effects. So I guess the collective blogging/Tweeting about Mikey doesn’t really qualify as waterboarding or even torture.

To be clear (as I think I have been from the beginning), any mention of Michael (Mike) Meisenbach has been to warn others about his violence. I gain nothing by doing this except the small satisfaction of not being silenced by a pyschopath and his hired thug(s). Shannon plainly stated she started her site for informational purposes and to also serve as a warning. Mikey isn’t being waterboarded. I’m not threatening him with anything and there is nothing I want from him except to leave us all alone. Instead, he’s working overtime and spending lots of money to turn himself into perpetual blog-fodder.

michael meisenbach’s threats to escorts

Judith started the game, perhaps as “Judith” or perhaps as Brewington, it’s unclear. Brewington, using the name “Rafter”, sent Shannon a series of emails over the Christmas holiday, encouraging her to pass along the info (he also texted Shannon, the number he used was: 623-696-0510):

From: judithshockly@hotmail.com
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2013
To: Shannon Leighton

Merry Christmas [Shannon]!

Date: Wed, Dec 25, 2013
From: rafter@nym.hush.com
To: Shannon Leighton

…For those in the intelligence industry there is no anonymity. I have analyzed your profile and suspect you know the value of information and what it can do to another person.

…These things have a way of getting out of control. I respectfully recommend that you consider your course of action as to whether it will have an unacceptable cause and affect. Think upon this.

I have a suggestion. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
[Ed: My suggestion to Mikey is if he can’t be alone with a woman without beating the shit out of her, maybe he shouldn’t seek out the company of women.]

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013
From: rafter@nym.hush.com
To: Shannon Leighton

…I suggest you encourage your friends to remove their content as well because we are tracking them as well.

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013
From: rafter@nym.hush.com
To: Shannon Leighton

…There are some in the intelligence industry that have access to everything. Where people bank, cell phone calls, texts, friends, family, where you shop etc. There is an illusion of anonymity…I do admire all those that came to your aid but this will turn badly for them as we have Tumblr on it as well. A recommendation…respectfully…reach out to them.

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013
From: rafter@nym.hush.com
To: Shannon Leighton

These links are content you or your proxies created and should be removed since there is an unofficial detente.




www.feministe.us › Home › Archives › 2013 › December › 01‎












There are over 50 of these. In the future should you wish to exercise freedom of speech you might consider doing so in a manner that you have control of the content.

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013
From: rafter@nym.hush.com
To: Shannon Leighton

Here’s the deal on your website. ICANN administers the rules as to registration. True and accurate information has to be used, you did not…There will be an attempt to strip you of that domain though you will be provided an opportunity to give full and complete information, something neither you nor Amanda want. There are also copyright issues with the photos used. If a suit takes place a counter will be filed. Your attorney will not be contingent on a defense and I suspect you may have credibility issues…There are other parties in the intelligence industry involved and they are looking at Amanda right now. I have noticed she too likes anonymity. As we both know that doesn’t exist…You are in an industry that is best to fly under the radar for several reasons and I respectfully suggest to you that you undo what you can and walk away with your anonymity. I will handle the rest of them. They won’t like how it turns out but I can get it done.

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013
From: rafter@nym.hush.com
To: Shannon Leighton

I also want to be clear, there is no threat to anyone of phyisical danger. It’s not an option. Speech should be met with more speech.

From: anonymous8464@hushmail.com
Date: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 10:33 AM
Subject: Healthy Advice
To: Shannon
Cc: Amanda [Ed: at an incorrect email address]

You and your friends should mutually hide each others cutlery. Your life is about to take a turn you won’t like

Since Brewington wanted Shannon to warn everyone, she passed the emails onto me as she received each one. I didn’t do anything about them because I was not being harassed at the time. Clearly, Mikey is willing to pay for Brewington to harass those who don’t have that same sort of access and power and free time.

John Brewington of Paladinpi.com arrested for theft
John Brewington’s arrest for theft

I’d like to point out that the final threat, received today, is not only cyber-bullying but possible hate-speech toward a marginalized group. Brewington’s boast about having access to bank records and cell phone logs means he anything he’s obtained has likely been via illegal means. All the threats have been made across state lines. Brewington’s IPs have been confirmed. He’s in Arizona. Shannon is not and neither am I.

what are the threats, exactly?

The only real threat Brewington seems to be making is to out anyone writing about Mikey’s brutal attack on Shannon and to cause unspecified harm to both us and our family/friends. He has a long history (available on the Internet) of threatening private citizens with posting their personal information online and extending that harassment to their family/friends.

He wants to make our lives miserable and I assume if he can’t dig enough dirt, he will either make it up or simply harass us in other ways — such as posting YouTube videos, RipOffReport claims, spurious lawsuits and try to bring down our websites. Oh, and apparently he would like us to kill ourselves and save his lazy ass the trouble.

All this from a man who refers to himself as a “paladin.” I guess he’s bravely taking up the cause of defending a man who beats and nearly kills women. Yup, that’s just who paladins defended. I’m sure he makes them proud.

So now I will likely be outed. By that, I mean Mikey and Stale Horse will work to put together my real and professional names. I’ve no doubt it could be done if they dug far enough. But what then? My life is boring and while that’s an embarrassing public admission to make — it’s honest. As is the admission that if they interviewed my ex-boyfriends they would get the impression that I make a terrible girlfriend (I said as much on my escort site). There are a couple private things I like to keep out of public view but I wouldn’t call any of those things skeletons in my really shallow closet. More like dusty books on a shelf. Basically, if you don’t know me well, you will likely find out a few new things. If you already know me, then you already know me and that’s the end of it (and you probably want me to talk about something else).

The real question is…how can I work my impending outing to my advantage? It would be great to get some media coverage but again — I’m boring. Who cares?

michael meisenbach wants to out you

I’m being somewhat blase about this because it’s something I mentally prepared for a long time ago. The likelihood of me offending someone just rises with every year I live. However, that doesn’t mean anyone else who has supported Shannon expected this to happen. If you want to delete your posts/Tweets/Tumbls about the whole debacle, now would be the time to do so. It will make Mikey very happy and save you a lot of grief. Not everyone is in the position to be outed or even harassed online.

If you decide to stand firm, just be prepared. Google the men named here and you’ll be reading for days. You can read Frank Ahearn’s book, particularly the very fun section on disinformation. You can find and follow Stale Horse as he makes posts on public threads and then sock puppet the hell out of yourself. Have fun with it! I already have a goldmine with several people on discussion boards I’ve never met making some outrageous claims — all I have to do is sock puppet them across other boards. Just piss off someone you don’t know and let them do all the talking for you.

Also, be aware of anything strange happening with your web hosting. Feel free to send them a link to this post and/or the court document which details Brewington’s Internet harassment tactics.

If you still support Shannon, draw social media attention to the issue. Signal boost everything you can. Don’t stay quiet about it because that’s exactly what these psychopaths want. Let Mikey and Brewington (and “Judith”) know that you won’t be intimidated into silence. As sex workers, we already get quite enough of that, thank you very much.

violent Michael Meisenbach of Seattle and Dallas
The incredibly violent and not very bright Michael Meisenbach

what this is really about

The silencing of women. Specifically: a victim, her friends, and a marginalized community that doesn’t have the same access to the legal system as a wealthy white man in his early 50s. I’m not someone who likes playing the victim card, but the facts are very hard to ignore.

We have spoken the truth about a violent predator in an attempt to warn others. He hasn’t even been arrested over this (and never will be). Instead, he decides he’s the belle of the Victim Ball and hires a convicted felon to threaten escorts. For a guy who’s upset about his violence to women becoming public knowledge, he’s really not making the right decisions in dealing with it. Beating more women doesn’t help. Threatening women via felonious hired guns won’t salvage your reputation either, Mikey.

The truth is an absolute defense, though it’s a fairly thin thread to hang onto when being threatened with harm. Still, no crimes have been committed by anyone who has posted anything supporting Shannon.

If the laws were different, Shannon wouldn’t have been afraid of reporting the assault to the police, and none of this would be happening. Mikey would have been arrested and tried long ago. The case would be settled by now. Then again, if the laws were different, Mikey would never have done what he did with such impunity.

Update 1/15/14: Judith Shockly’s Yelp and LinkedIn accounts are down. Fortunately, I have a screenshot of each. And a screenshot of the TinEye results on her profile picture. Just click on the links posted.

Last night, roughly around midnight, Brewington posted Shannon’s real name online, along with other names that he thinks are her aliases but are actually other people. I can’t imagine they’re going to be pleased. I wonder if Mikey’s attorney approves of this latest tactic?

Update 1/30/13: Yes, my site was down for over a day. I have a web designer who is doing security upgrades and apparently the upgrade clashed with prior coding done on the blog and brought the blog down until the problem could be found and fixed. It was simply conflicting commands to the WordPress software, no files were affected. I just want to make clear it had nothing to do with Brewington (though the security upgrades were in an effort to prevent an attack by him). Thank you everyone for your concern!

It turns out that Michael Meisenbach’s upcoming court date in Seattle for his December domestic violence arrest is February 3. It would be so great to have sex workers present. His defense attorney is Eric Lindell, who also defended Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer, the whole reason The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers exists). Wow. Just wow.

Update 2/5/13: For those interested, Shannon has made a public statement that may or may not answer some questions for ya’ll.

47 thoughts on “the silence-quest of mikey and stale horse

  1. Again I am livid. Fuck!

    But individual thoughts.

    Amanda: Bravo to you for having the courage to stand up to these parasites on society. Bravo for exposing them and helping other girls be aware of them.

    Shannon: Know that there are many of us stand in solidarity with you.

    Mike Meisenbach: You are a douchebag coward. Everything that has been revealed about you is demonstrative of a pathetic sack of shit in a grown man’s body. You beat, raped and nearly killed a girl you fucking asshole. You fucking confessed to it in writing. Anyone who read the details of this has read your confession. You fucking did it. You admitted to it. Stop being a little bitch hiding behind petty bribes and then hired thugs. God knows how much money you are paying your thugs. If you had any character or even a functioning brain you would realize that putting on your big boy pants and being responsible for your actions probably would have solved your problems. Shannon made it clear that you caused her thousands in medical bills. Have you considered being a man and taking responsibility for what you have done to Shannon? You caused them. You admit causing them. No apparently you don’t do that because you’re stupid fucking flaccid dick. Instead you hire convicted fucking felons that somehow managed to get a PI license. You have your thugs threaten her on fucking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day no less. That’s great karma. Then you have your goons try to crash Amanda’s site and tell Shannon to warn all of us of what we will face. Jesus fucking Christ. You need to write a book Damage Control By Dummies. I’ve seen the pictures of that idiot attorney and this Brewington. What is your fetish for old white men with straggly grey hair?

    John Brewington aka Rafter, aka Pale Horse aka Judith Shockley:. Where do I fucking start? You cast stones about anonymity? Ok. Rafter and Pale Horse. You are a member of the “intelligence community”. As what a member of the fan club? You in the intelligence community is an oxymoron on multiple levels. Felons aren’t eligible for jobs in the real intelligence community. There is such a thing as a criminal background check. You are a criminal. You are a low rent PI that is disgraced all over the internet by multiple parties. You advise Shannon that she better warn us? I guess you figure that we are going to be enthralled with your forcing a raped and tortured friend which you forced into silence that we should be quiet about her attack and attacker? Or that we will all quake in fear? You got what you wanted. we have been warned that “we won’t like how it turns out”. So you know where we shop, where we bank, where we live? So you are threatening to illegally pull a credit report? Perhaps you have a contact with actual access to the information you allege? That would be acting in concert for multiple felonies, but it is hard to count how many misdemeanors and felonies you are threatening. Threatening neighbors and families as well…… Actually douchebag keep this path going and you won’t like how it turns out although I can see why this Mike douchebag hired you. Mike sunk to his own level.

    1. Serra — This is very serious business but your comment made me laugh! I don’t think there’s been this much cursing on here EVER.

      Thank you for the kind words, and I hope to encourage as many as possible to stand in solidarity with Shannon. Mikey can’t silence or expose every single one of us.

      Mikey has a strange self-destructive streak. Apparently that fits the psychopath personality (to some degree) but given that he has been successful in his professional life — I have to wonder why he suddenly can’t think straight and why he persists in making things worse for himself.

      Brewington may have been the only PI who was willing to work with Mikey. I have no idea how ethical PIs are or are not, but many will claim they wouldn’t touch a case like Mikey’s for any amount of money. Nor is harassment/threats part of the general PI job description.

  2. I’m sorry, I know this is serious, and these dudes are clearly scum, but when this PI jagoff said “Speech should be met with more speech.” I nearly pissed myself laughing at the deep and abiding irony.

    I hope these assholes and up playing the rile of wife to some huge dude named bubba in lockup.

    1. Scott — No kidding. I thought the same thing about the “speech should be met with more speech.” That, and it could be construed as a threat to email us all to death.

      Hoping for the lockup scenario too, but probably not going to happen.

  3. We have spoken the truth about a violent predator in an attempt to warn others. He hasn’t even been arrested over this (and never will be). Instead, he decides he’s the belle of the Victim Ball and hires a convicted felon to threaten escorts.

    There’s a useful summary in just a few words. It seems that Mr. Weaselback plays only one theme, with small variations. Alone with one woman, Shannon, whom he probably outweighs by at least fifty pounds, he beats her nearly to death with his own mighty hands, supplemented by some handy weapons. Out in the open, faced by a number of essentially-powerless women, he has to hire some reinforcement thugs to do a public version of the same thing. There’s an asshole who needs to learn a different tune. Actually, what he needs to do is go play in some high-speed traffic, but … “if wishes were horses,” etc.

    Obviously, I may be wrong, but my guess is that you’re not going to be “outed.” I think that those who talk and threaten that much don’t actually do, usually. I surely hope I turn out to be correct. And if not, if another, “real” name is publicly linked to Amanda Brooks … well, “reality” is kind of a slippery concept. A lady that I saw professionally once told me, in a quiet pillow moment, her “real” name, and I was surprised later that I didn’t automatically start thinking of her by that name. A person is surely proprietary with respect to his or her name, and it seems to me now that maybe one’s “real” name is the name she gives another person to know her by. In any case, here’s hoping for the best (which would pretty much be that playing-in-traffic scenario for Charming Mikey).

    1. Jim — You have beautifully summed up the issue in the first paragraph. Let me clarify one thing, Shannon is one of the worse beatings Mike dealt out, but she is not the only one. Not by a long shot. Mike had a long list of violent blacklist entries a year ago, but they’ve disappeared over time — either because he paid his victims to remove them or simply intimidated them into removing the blacklist postings. He’s been a serial predator for years.

      I don’t want to speculate on my potential “outing” but the truth is what you said: I’ve established my professional name as Amanda Brooks and those who respect me will continue to refer to me as Amanda. That suits me fine.

  4. Oh, btw…

    Mike? John?

    Get bent, cockwads. Come fucking get me, you pathetic piles of shit. You festering spooge-puddles.

    There is absolutely nothing about either of you that even remotely frightens me. You are both the very image of “keyboard courage”.

    1. Don’t hold back, Scott. Really let those feelings out! Also, I second everything you just said. I cannot stand trolls, empty legal threats, and idiots who think defending yourself against their unprovoked stupidity and bullshit is some sort of unprovoked attack of its own.

      1. Aspasia — “…and idiots who think defending yourself against their unprovoked stupidity and bullshit is some sort of unprovoked attack of its own.”

        This is the biggest problem with Mikey and his current legal position. He keeps forgetting he is getting away with felony sexual assault.

  5. So this asshole Brewington is now outing Shannon? What a total piece of shit! This douchebag Meisenbach beat the shit out of her and raped her. So Meisenbach hires a total coward scumbag to threaten her and the rest of us with violence. Aside from making illegal threats that is also a civil rights violation scumbag. Using threats of violence to deny someone their first amendment rights is fucking illegal. Douchebag Brewington saying speech will be met with speech. And denial of speech by threat of violence can easily be met with legal action.

    Did Meisenbach go with the lowest bidder? He hired a moron. PI’s investigate and give the information to their clients and attorneys. When did being a low rent thug come into the PI job description? His state licensing board will likely have an issue with this. Meisenbach why did you hire Shannon or any other girl? You clearly found the biggest whore in your lifetime. This asshole exposing people and building blogs about people his client, that being you Mike dimwit, and billing you for it? That is a gem.

    Exposing Shannon? You are going to have great luck getting traction with that. A psychopath that brutalizes multiple women hires a low rent convict and then puts her personal information on the internet on behalf of his client. Great job geniuses. Re Victimizing a victim by using felons. That’s going to be the ticket to being viewed sympathetically by society. Society loves scumbag women beaters and their felon thugs masquerading as PI’s traumatizing a brutally beaten victim.

    JFC, these two scumbags are an absolute example of why IQ testing need to be part of escort screening. These two dumb fucks are running for reverse valedictorian status and it’s hard to tell who would win.

    Meisenbach, stop beating women and put your big boy pants on and be responsible for your actions. Even a psychopath like you in your self serving life quests should be able to reason that it makes more sense than having goons threaten 1000’s of people and a brutally beaten victim. Or maybe you should keep paying your scumbag PI. He will drain you dry and you wouldn’t have any money left to hire any more escorts to torture and rape. JFC.

  6. This makes me furious. I work as a pro sub in one of the areas he frequented. The chances that this could have been me are sky high, and I will sure as fuck not let this go. I’m hoping that if this story goes viral, threats will be useless. He can’t out everyone, particularly if the vanilla world picks this up. Thank you so much for speaking out about this, and I hope Shannon knows there’s a whole community behind her.

  7. just want to express that I hope you are doing well both mentally and physically and to let you know that I am supporting you and your friend and sending all of my hugs to you and all of my deep and abiding rage issues to every person who is hurting and harassing and being an asshole. Thanks for being so brave. You are fantastic.

  8. Sorry to once again trivialize a really important post with a very unimportant comment, but … another excellent thing about your re-do of your blog is that it now loads with lightning speed. Before you changed things, I used to click on your link, then open another window and read something while waiting for it to load, thinking all the while that your web host must be using an abacus for a server or something. Now: “After Hours” loads just as quickly as anything else does. Nice!

    1. Jim — This is good for me to know. Didn’t realize my old theme was that clunky. Wow. Though it was sort of held together by duct-tape — one of the reasons I made the leap to this new theme. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. I read some of the links. These people are vile. You can really tell why Meisenbach would hire someone like Brewington. Peas in a pod and all that. One puts up an elaborate, showy façade, one tries to do so hopelessly, but the material is the same.

    It would seem to me that given his threats, comments, convictions and all else, that Brewington is more than eligible to be put on escort blacklists as well.

    As stated before, Michael John Meisenbach (d.o.b. 04-24-1961) was arrested Dec. 8, 2013 on charges of Domestic Violence – Assault. He was arraigned and freed on $1,000 bail. The City of Seattle asked for an increase in bail to a paltry $5,000, but even this was refused by the judge. A really disgustingly low amount for any domestic violent assailant, when it ought to be at least 10 or 20 times that much, but even more egregious in this case since Meisenbach has the financial means to make him a flight risk, and has an extensive work history in other, far off parts of the country. Sadly, the prosecutor and judge were presumably unaware that Meisenbach has a long, documented history of brutally assaulting women, and has confessed to it. He was given a No Contact Order pertaining to the survivor of his latest (known) violence. His next court date is Feb. 3. Anyone can check and follow this themselves at the City of Seattle’s judicial case look up website by doing a search by Defendant with his name.

    I don’t know how many escorts use these judicial case look up websites as part of their screening, but it seems like a wise thing to do, as I’ve never known the info they provide to show up thru internet search engines. Far from all, but many states and counties make them available (I actually found Meisenbach’s info at the State of Washington case look up first, which pointed to the Seattle one). No one can search the whole country, obviously, but even one search out of a hundred, in one state given as a residence, that actually turns up someone with a violent or otherwise dangerous background would seem worth it.

    1. Lee — Yes, they’re vile people and are a matched set. Brewington may already be on a blacklist, not sure. But that’s easy to fix!

      Thank you so much for the links! Part of the problem of looking up court documents — as you’ve noted — is that they’re often incomplete or not available. Or they’re difficult to find as many counties can’t decide where to put them.

      Agreed that knowing your local court websites is a great screening tool for escorts (for locals, obviously).

  10. This fucking douchebag Michael Mike Meisenbach hires Eric Lindell who represented a serial killer of sex workers??? Fucking unbelievable. OMFG! Well actually it’s not. Since his attorney had no compunction about representing Gary Ridgway who killed 48 sex workers he won’t have a problem representing a scum bag like Meisenbach who nearly kills them and other women. Meisenbach should probably keep him on retainer as this asshole is obviously escalating. If he isn’t put in jail he likely is going to kill a woman probably sooner than later. Probably a sex worker.

    Hired thugs that threaten to hurt people and an attorney who represents serial killers of sex workers all working for Mike Meisenbach who probably think’s he is the victim of sex workers. Yeah Meisenshit of course you are a victim. Victims hire felon goons and serial killer defending defense attorneys all the time……… Guilty piece of shit.

    Absolute scumbags.

    We need to organize a protest demonstration for his court date. Does anyone live in Seattle? Does anyone have media contacts there?

    1. Serra — Agreed. My thoughts exactly. Mikey is going to just escalate in violence if he’s allowed to continue. Mikey just isn’t very bright — he really shouldn’t continue to go out of his way to antagonize sex workers. He has money but there are more of us.

      I’m working on bringing this to the attention of others, especially those in the Seattle area.

  11. Does anyone know how to find out who the District Attorney is on this case? How to reach them? They need to know, if they don’t, about Meisenbach’s history.

    1. As you probably saw, the case is scheduled for 1:30 pm, Courtroom 1103. If there is a change it would typically be posted on the walls of the court. I could not find anywhere in the case history where the specific DA is listed, which is not unusual. I would suggest just putting the case number prominently in any correspondence of whatever type. There is a specific Domestic Violence Unit of the Seattle City Attorney’s office. The address is:

      City of Seattle
      City Attorney’s Office
      Criminal Division – Domestic Violence Unit
      P.O. Box 94667
      Seattle, WA 98124-4667

      The chief of the DV unit is Atty. Cindi Williams.

      The best thing in most cases would be to contact the DA through an attorney, since that usually gets you taken more seriously with any judge or lawyer. But in a DV or sex assault case, if that weren’t possible, I’d think it might be different – it looked as though Seattle has an extensive DV unit, and that they take it quite seriously.

      Part of the reason I mentioned the bail hearing is that there is less time to prepare (especially in this case since he was arrested on a Saturday and arraigned the next Monday morning), the level of evidence needed to support a ruling is lower, and the judge has pretty wide discretion, so that if the DA were to say “We have reason to believe that Mr. Meisenbach has a history of violence toward women, we have preliminary evidence documenting it, and are working to develop it more fully”, that alone might have gotten him a higher bail.

      As far as the case itself, obviously anyone who wasn’t either there or witnessed the affects first-hand can’t testify to the relevant incident, and past instances can’t convict someone in this instance. But, as a witness to establish or debunk the defendant’s credibility (“Oh, I’ve never laid hands on a woman Your Honor” – “Bullshit, and here are X, Y & Z to tell you just how badly he’s done so, and they have documented evidence to prove it”), if it his word versus hers would seem to me to be potentially decisive. Or having an affidavit from prior victims with the threat that they would testify could lead Meisenbach to plead guilty when he otherwise wouldn’t have, or accept a plea deal with a more severe punishment than he otherwise would have. Or, his wife might learn something (a lot maybe) that she didn’t know, and be steeled to testify against him and / or not accept some new, pitiful lie of his to take him back.

      I also looked at the Seattle Police website for the police report, but these are not released to the public in Domestic Violence cases (understandable).

  12. Amanda it is in your best interest to moderate your comments and remove those from January 30 to this date. You should consider more than just your own need for publicity and your friends playing amateur investigator. Life is bigger than you.

    1. Non-solicited advice — And just who are you again??? Is there any particular reason I need to listen to you or do what you tell me to do?? You’re a man, right? In case you haven’t noticed, I have an extremely poor track record of doing what men tell me to do, especially when it comes to you and your boss.

      My life is my own, thank you very much. It is as big as I want it to be. If you want to go even further with that, my belief that everything is connected means I am as big (or small) as anything that is out there and all possibilities are always present. Life is never bigger than I am. I am life. Or…what exactly did you mean by that?

      Oh, and this blog is my own as well. I’m allowing your threat because you’re leaving a thread of proof. I’d also like to point out (for like the 100th time) that none of this is a publicity stunt. It is about violence against sex workers and how the perpetrators of such violence — such as you and the man paying you to threaten me — will go to any lengths to cover their violence, generally by using more violence. In case no one has ever told you, violence is not a solution.

      1. PS: I guess Lee and Serra have been threatened by proxy. Both of you are free to do what you want with that.

        Someone must be deathly afraid sex workers are going to attend his court hearing. If anyone goes, bring smelling salts. Mikey’s constitution is more fragile than that of his victims.

  13. Amanda consider that the course of history was changed by a fluke which allowed the English to defeat the Spanish Armada. That fluke is unlikely to repeat this time. It is perhaps unwise to assign your debt to others. You should consider this carefully.

    1. Whatever you’re trying to say, have the balls to just come out and say it. Spare all of us the allusions and vague references to your own power, the vague reference to one historical event that has no bearing on what is happening right now. Although it’s nice you seem to be implying I won something. I’m not sure what, but thanks anyway.

      Oh, and I blocked your proxy IP. If you’re going to comment, speak plainly. This is my blog and I’ve lost my patience.

      1. The Spanish Armada?! Pig-headed tyrant attempts to bully woman, gets told off, so turns to violence, despite saner minds urging him to refrain; then gets completely humiliated by the woman and her better-prepared, better-led, highly motivated friends and allies, and this is supposed to be a fluke, and a dissuasive example?!

        1. Lee — I can’t tell if he’s English and I’m Spanish or if it’s the other way around. Certainly he’s calling me a ship. I think he got one letter wrong.

          Actually, I just found out that a fluke belongs to a whale. Okay, that was mean, but I am not in a good mood.

  14. -Amanda it sounds like douchebag John Brewington doesn’t like amateur investigators because they are competition to him. He probably considers himself a professional but he’s obviously a fucking buffoon with a trainee skillset therefore an amateur would be competition. He is probably hoping to scare off competition to his PI business.

    -Douchebags making threats, Rafter, Brewington, Helpfuladvice and . – The Spanish Armada? What the fuck are you talking about? What do you plan to use to threaten Amanda and the rest of us with next? UFO’s? The Bermuda Triangle? Maybe you should plagiarize Ronald Reagan. “Amanda Brooks Tear Down This Blog!

    Fucking grow a set and say what you have to say in plain English.

  15. We have come by the thousands.

    We rally w & behind Shannon & Amanda.

    We will not the tolerate abuse.

    We will assure zero future victims.

    We will fight back.

    We will not back down.

    We will protest.


    ~We are Anonymous~

    ~We are Legion~

    ~We do not forgive~

    ~We do not forget~

    ~Expect us~


    Expect Me,

    Princess Puss

  16. Fucking awesome people here!
    @Lee your info is the bomb. We can watch scumbag Meisenbach’s court info! Thank you for finding this. I found info on him in Hawaii although I can’t figure out how to access it. A Michael J Meisenbach has a conviction for assault 3 but it is next to impossible to figure out how to actually get more info.
    @Amanda all I can say is you are also the fucking bomb for standing up to these sacks of poop and for continuing to do so.
    @Princesspuss! Fucking Yes! If there was a “like” button my computer would crash from hitting it so many times! That so rocks!
    @Shannon! More like button hits! I was super glad to read the statement from you! That is total courage to put up your statement! One can only imagine the shit these scum motherfuckers are probably doing to fuck with you so that you give up on going after them through legal channels. Stay strong and know we are many and we are behind you!
    @Meisenskat. Don’t worry about taking continuing education classes or updating your like 10,000 social media sites saying the same shit about you being a realtor. Next month you are going to get free career education courtesy of the King County Department of Corrections. When you are released you can than update your resume to say Realtor and Metal Engraver and bullet point how many license plates you made in prison.

    1. Stale Horse — A fill in the blank? How fun! To truly play this game well, you have to specify what the blank is supposed to be, a noun, proper noun, verb, adverb or adjective.

      How about “Roses are red, violets are blue, Happy Valentine’s Day, remember life is bigger than you”?

  17. Yes we are legion and some may be quiet,but we are still becoming very organized and infuriated behind the scenes,so for that, Brewingfuck and Meisencrotch,I do thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am having an extremely prosperous quarter and will be hiring a PI of my own to start digging into “Mr. Intelligence”s” shit as well as find out what Mikey has been trying so desperately to hide. Oh and perhaps call their “friends” (which they probably do not have ) and family.He isn’t the only one with family money and considerable resources to draw from. Although I suspect his parents must be pretty fuckin tired of covering all of his sins with their -what must be dwindling funds -as he’s been a busy bastard. Thus explains the sinking down to the level of hiring pos “PI” Brewingfuck.

  18. Yes,that is very true about legion. Growing daily in numbers and we are sick off being harrassed and threatened as well as anyone’s pathetic attempts to silence us. You two, scumbags of a feather , may have been the proverbial straw that will bring on something our globe has never seen.There is such an outcry going around for justice for you Meisenbach and this case will be the spearhead to lead a unity of sexworkers such as there has never been. It is not us who should be quaking in our boots,”sirs” . For your despicable inhuman acts have enraged and sickened an entire gender.And we also have men that will stand by our sides , partners , parents , siblings , cousins , friends ,uncles..we are growing exponentially and world wide. I hail from London and word is spreading like fire..we will not be silent anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you so much ladies! I can’t tell you how much it means to have public words of support. Both Shannon and I need this. Thank you.

    Your neighborhood Legion representative

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