Curious about others I’ve fallen out of touch with, I decided to Google this guy I knew back when I was dancing. He wasn’t what I’d consider a good friend (not in any sense of the word) but he had a unique online handle.

What was surprising was that he was still using that identity and that it tied him to, of all things, Thai prostitution boards. It appears he’s living over there and is becoming quite the expert.

It was really weird to see this. I have no desire to contact him. (He was one person I’m happy to have let fade away.) It was just strange that my first thought was one of disappointment, tinged with a bit of disgust. I’ll qualifiy that by saying that what little bit I read seemed to point to someone who was not doing much with his life and was probably becoming more bitter than he already was. He’s a hobbyist in a country where most of the sex workers are badly exploited.

It’s funny that the shoe on the other foot for me, in a way. I would rather have not known. But I wasn’t very surprised. He’d traveled to Bangkok before and told me about meeting some of the bar girls and listening to the goings-on in the cheap hotel where he stayed. I saw him as a tourist because I didn’t think he could possibly take any of that seriously.

I was wrong.

It’s not as though I have a problem with men becoming clients. In fact, there are a number of men I’ve known who would probably enjoy life a little more if they just went ahead and paid for their companions instead of playing hurtful games. In this case, I would feel easier if it were all done America-side.

This little discovery is strange. What happens to someone so that one day they decide to dedicate their life to searching for the perfect teenage Thai hooker to fall in love with?

I’ve always seen the adult industry as the business of entertainment. Something to be enjoyed. Something that can create a good living for the worker. But not something that should eat up one’s life, whether client or provider. How does someone go from A to B to Q? I don’t see it.

That’s probably the question every sex worker gets when they come out to their friends/family.

2 thoughts on “friends rediscovered part II

  1. Well, I agree with you that this is something to be enjoyed to the fullest, and that what is important is the quality of the experience. But unfortunately, many other men obviously want quantity first and as cheaply as possible. I think that guys like the one you described are like this in the extreme, and that its compounded by a lack of self-esteem and confidence in their ability to measure up to or cope with experienced, confident women, whether for love or for a paid session, so they try for those who are naive, vulnerable and / or cheap. Sad.

  2. Lee,

    I still have a mix of emotions regarding this person (though I haven’t Googled him since). Though at this point, I just hope the girls work him over well.


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