Okay, this is clearly not a news blog. Back in January, rumors swirled that Lindsay Lohan’s mom was selling expensive dates with her daughter. Her father said it wasn’t true, then said it wasn’t wasn’t true. Who really knows?

I just like the idea of a celebrity paying the bills the old-fashioned way. If she really is a paid companion, then it would be so wonderful for her to speak up about it. Come out and proud! On the other hand, she has substance abuse problems and an arrest record. Okay, maybe she’s not the best choice for celebrity sex work spokesperson.

If her mom is pimping her out, call Donna Hughes or Melissa Farley. Quick!

9 thoughts on “escort rumor

  1. If it is true, she may just be attention-hungry enough to speak up, with a little bit of probing. Lohan, the sex worker activist?

    Could be a fine spectacle.

  2. Former Child superstar turns to Prostitution to pay bills. Won’t that be a HEADLINE?! I’d invite her in Australia and give her new profession (High Class escort) a pumpep up start!

  3. I’m quite certain Farley and Hughes have me on speed dial. Should I shoot them a text and ask for their enlightened opinions? Certainly anything that either says on the topic is the holy grail of information on all things sex industry.

  4. Candy — HA! It would be a news-maker.

    Jill — I think you should ask them. After all, what do we, or Lindsay, really know about the situation?

  5. @Amanda. Of course we should ask them. They are in a superior position? What do any of us know in comparison to them? They are subject matter experts.

    Next thing you’ll suggest is that birds know more about flight than the Wright brothers.

  6. Jill — They certainly know far more than us or especially Lindsay since she doesn’t even identify as a sex worker.

    I’ve actually come and said on this blog that individual women know more about their own sexual response than random men do. Sort of the same thing.

  7. I think it was the book “Madame 90210” where a former madame to the stars talked about actresses who escorted for a short while once the movie deals started to dry up. Rupert Everett admitted in 1997 he used to be a “rent boy” for drugs and money.

  8. Lusty Chick — I have Madame 90210 and she never named names, so I don’t know if that’s the book you were thinking of, but she certainly did represent actresses and Playboy models.

    Rupert Everett? I never knew!

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