This is a toss-off post, really. But should be amusing.

In Dallas, when I was ready for things to move from talking to action, I’d say (like many escorts) “Would you like to get comfortable?” One day a client sitting on the couch in my incall said in perfect sincerity and innocence “I already am, thank you.”

I took his hand to lead him where I wanted him to go. And I stopped asking the question.

More recently, a client in Vegas, new to gambling, told me that he’d played Russian Roulette but didn’t like it because he kept losing.

The roulette played on the main floor of Vegas casinos is not Russian, no matter how painful it is to lose.

9 thoughts on “deathless client responses

  1. I’m not trying to call these clients stupid. Not at all. After all, the first instance completely stumped me and made me realize I was repeating a lame line.

    The second was pretty funny though. I didn’t correct him because, well, I didn’t want him to feel dumb. He was exploring gambling and it’s not like I’m some sort of expert.

    But yeah, hard not to laugh!


  2. Russian roulette lmao!!!! That’s the first time I ever heard that one! I don’t know how you kept a straight face after hearing him say that Amanda. Oh and have a very Happy New Year 2009!!!

  3. RP,

    I had a small grin. I simply agreed that it was a fast way of taking your money and moved on. But I laugh now because it is funny. (There was an episode of King of the Hill in which Dale told his wife he was playing Russian Roulette at the gun club and she asked if he won.)

    Happy 2009 to you too.


  4. We need to laugh at something while on the job to keep it light 😀

    One guy asked if I made $10K per month in the business. I still laugh at that one!

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