I’ll be in San Francisco the last week of January (have a book-reading on 1/30!) and in Dallas at the beginning of February. Yes, I’m open to seeing clients established between 2002-04 and there are a few people I want to meet for coffee and a real-live chat. Not everyone though. I’m going to Dallas for personal reasons and won’t have a whole lot of spare time. (Yes, there is a reason I’m not publicly posting specific dates but I’m happy to tell you privately.)

Just FYI.

8 thoughts on “travels: january/february

  1. Cool, I wish I was one of the lucky few that you wanted to “meet for coffee and a real-live chat” with. 😉

  2. Amanda,

    You are correct I am not. I am just envious that some people get to meet with you for a “live chat’.

  3. sorry to miss u on ur last visit to BigD, hopefully another time…..if I am so lucky. 😉

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