One side effect from all the slanted attention lately could be disappointed readers and bad Amazon reviews.

Depending on where they heard of the book, if their hands aren’t burned when they touch it, will they be disappointed? Or if I don’t start out telling them how to be a whore and how much to charge and where to find good pimps, are they going to be disappointed? Will my serious discussion on STDs lack the bimbo quality they were hoping for? Will they not appreciate the dearth of “sex with clients” tips? Or my lack of discussing the good strolls in major cities? Are they going to be mad I don’t tell them which brand of stiletto is most comfortable for standing on concrete? Are they hoping to be brainwashed into selling their bodies for money and think the book sucks if they don’t decide to put an ad on CraigsList?

Just an idle thought…

9 thoughts on “disappointed readers?

  1. If it is any consolation Amanda, the people’s whose reactions you describe are exactly the type who DO NOT need to be in the business. So your book will do well in weeding out the idiots. The smart gals will ignore the negative comments, read your book and take your sound advice. Just as I will in the future. Personally, I make it a point not to read readers reviews on sites like simply because anyone with a grudge or whatever can post a bad review because they have an extra twenty minutes in their day.

    Can’t wait for book #2! Good luck, Amanda.


  2. A few observations. As the other comment mentioned, it’s probably good to keep in mind that someone’s negative reaction to the content of the book(s) may be as much of a commentary on their expectations and/or ideals as it is a comment on what you’ve written. Also there probably does exist a tendency for online reviews to have more than the expected share of comments by people who for whatever reason want to use it as a forum to vent. (This happens frequently on one of the better known sites where I get reviewed professionally.) Whenever I do check out online reviews I usually cast a critical glance toward the review and try to determine if the reviewer actually has posted a legitimate review of whatever it is and has supported that review with some sort of backing or if the review is baseless and/or or simply a quick reaction perhaps fueled by the wrong expectations.

  3. Aspasia,

    Thank you! You know how to make a girl smile in the morning!


    It’s not so much that I’m truly worried about reviews, it’s that I’m worried my recent media attention has built this into something it is really not. The lack of titillation might be an unpleasant shock to some readers.


  4. Just a thoght- but I bought your book a long long time ago and found it VERY useful, helpful and delightful.
    Did you ever think that the sudden influx of ‘bad reviews’ might be from a girls collection of ‘monions’ who are out to set yours ‘down’…so that she might have her own….’rise’?

    Just a thought. I hear she’s not above it. Not by a long shot. Especialy to those she befriends and keeps very close.

  5. Samantha,

    Interesting thought. I am usually the one who comes up with these theories and I didn’t even think of this. Though if we’re discussing the same person then they are not someone I trust anyway. Very perceptive.

    Thank you.


  6. Amanda,

    I read some of the reviews and it seems that the negative is coming form those who the book was not intended to be for in the first place. Its a given that “hobbiest” will read it but they overlook the helpful information to women and one even went as far as to identify himself as a BBFS lover that was appalled that you knew about condoms.

    I say ignore it. You put out a great read, informative, concise, and matter of fact. It will help many young women who decide to enter the business and help other s stay out of it . You can’t please everyone and who would want to anyway?

  7. Sarah,

    To be honest, I haven’t checked my reviews in the past several months. The actual post was me having an idle thought and carrying it to (what I thought) was a humorous extreme.

    A BBFS man? God. I don’t even want to imagine. Don’t get me started.

    Anything else is a matter of conjecture. I certainly have my own ideas on the escort community as a whole. I am disturbed when I feel there are cracks in the united front that we (the women) need. It disturbs me a lot, actually. And I draw back. I have trust issues, certainly.

    But thank you very much for your support. I’ve admired your Web presence for a couple years now.


  8. Most writers want to write for themselves. For you, I am sure this is difficult considering you are working for an audience approval (to a point) , but at the heart of it, it is a story you feel the need to tell albeit in the form of a manual of sorts.

    Praise yourself for the approvals. Read the disapproving comments with an open mind and judge them from your experience, and then, move on.

    We can all pick apart our efforts and try to perfect them to the tastes of everyone, but in the end, it doesn’t tell our story…only we can do that.

    There is no such thing as words that will please everyone…but it is easy to accomplish the goal of pleasing yourself. Are you pleased Amanda?

    The first person who needs to approve of and appreciate the work is you. Everyone else is just bonus;)


  9. Lily,

    Nice to see you again!

    I did write for myself — and then constantly worried about offending the readers I cared most about: escorts. I have stepped on a toe here and there, but nothing too bad (I think).

    Though I am mostly pleased, I think if I re-read it, I’d change a lot. But I’d keep the same essential message.

    Thank you for your insight, as always. Bottom line: yes, I am proud to show the book to people.


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