Today is a day of awareness and memorial for sex workers around the world. Because of the illegal status of sex work and the low status of women in many countries, sex workers are a particular target of violence. (Transgendered sex workers face the same levels of violence as female sex workers.)

I don’t have any stats handy right now, but a large number of sex workers have been murdered through 2007 in the US and Canada. Most of these cases will never be solved. (Many other sex workers have simply disappeared and are presumed dead.) And every day sex workers are assaulted (sexually and violently). Their abusers have no fear of being brought to justice.

This is only the 5th Annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. But awareness of the issue is growing. We can’t actually hope to end violence against sex workers until we erase violence against all women, but at least we can make the world aware that sex workers are humans and deserve basic human rights. Their abuse or loss of life affects more than themselves.

It’s easy to join us. SWOP-East is hosting an online vigil and live discussion. Or, if you’d like to physically show your support, carry a red umbrella today or find an event near you.

4 thoughts on “end violence against sex workers

  1. Valery,

    Sex training is forbidden here too. But sex workers can (fortunately) still come together in support and memory — as long as they’re not helping each other get work.

    What country are you from?


  2. There probably ARE no stats. Sex workers are a throw away commodity. I’m hoping to work to change that. Sex workers are someone’s son/daughter, lover, friend….

  3. Lailah,

    Indeed. I do hope you join us in trying to change perceptions. It’s the only place we can start.

    Look forward to reading your essay on being arrested!


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