This isn’t a very heartfelt blog post, but it’s only recently that I’ve realized how blocked I am from everything that is going on in my life. Professionally, I’m doing fine and have found my footing again. It’s nice. Personally, after all the shit that has happened, I have only true friends remaining and that’s very nice too.

But…writing-wise, very blocked because my limited creative energy goes either to making money as an escort or dealing with the ridiculous amount of ongoing stress in my life. So, I’m toe-dipping. It’s not like riding a bicycle. It’s like learning to do this all over again. I never intended this blog to get this personal and backing off from that point is harder than I thought it would be, even though I most certainly shy away from baring all online. I guess what I’m saying is I unintentionally shifted my boundaries and it’s weird. That, and limited creative energy due to having a TBI.


DNA and cheating and sex and stuff

A cheating gene? I wasn’t so far off in speculating the some of us are natural-born prostitutes. Just wait. They need to do more DNA research. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t occurred to a scientist to look for a true biological root of prostitution in humans because of the moral baggage around it.

monogamy isn’t exciting to women

What I’ve always said, but I’m not sure why people are missing the elephant in the room and instead try to find other reasons why women aren’t very interested in sex in long-term relationships (#3).

I think it’s obvious. The majority of women like variety. We’re created that way. Biologists and anthropologists, among others, have long speculated that our female ancestors enjoyed multiple partners at will and even fairly routine gang-bangs. Our anatomy and physiology points to this sexual capacity with a neon sign, whereas mens’ certainly does not, especially not once a man is older than 25. (This doesn’t mean men don’t like variety too, only that we’re far more capable of actually achieving and enjoying it.)

Female Viagra is easy: a new partner. Every day. Hot ones.

white savior of black prostitutes in Burundi

There is so much wrong with this piece of a white Christian man saving young black prostitutes in Burundi, not the least of which is the upskirt photo he uses to end the piece. I also take huge issue with how he negotiated their night with him: less money than they would normally make, dragging them to an unfamiliar area by taxi (presumably they wouldn’t be able to afford the return trip), and forcing them to wait until morning to get paid, which is some serious coercion to make them stay where he wants them to. Kind of like kidnapping.

While he reports that the young women seemed to appreciate his help, especially his monthly stipend for them, I’d like to know how the story ends after his financial support is gone. Will the young women be able to make a living in a civilian job if they can find one, or will they return to making faster cash?

And what about all the other sex workers? Or ones who are older and unattractive but are just as stuck for options as these young ones? What is he going to do for them and their children? Couldn’t that monthly stipend instead fund a drop-in center for area sex workers?

I’m not at all against this practical help for an individual sex worker, i.e. wages to cover to their living expenses while they transition, as opposed to the old “put them in a factory and mire them in poverty” tactic. It’s the way he went about it. For someone who is all about ending the exploitation of these girls, he doesn’t go a very good job of convincing me he’s anti-exploitation or much of a savior. Maybe he just needs some enlightenment. Or maybe he’s just a perv.

doing it right

In October, I attended a presentation given by members of SWOP-Sacramento: Kristen D’Angelo, Pearl Callahan and Tara Cochinelle. It was a well-done presentation that, although seemingly preaching to the choir, apparently was news to those who aren’t sex workers. Hopefully, they polish it a bit and take it on the road. There are plenty of wannabe policy-makers (and real policy-makers) who need to hear this well-done 101.

The best part: a survey of street workers discovered that not a single one of them, even the ones who wished to leave sex work, wanted to be arrested. A ground-breaking perspective for civilians.

prostitutes are destroying social security

This is just too funny. Mike Huckabee opines that Social Security is being gutted because prostitutes and pimps don’t pay taxes. The power of pussy, once again, can take down entire nations. Amazing, isn’t it?

stripping as the second job

A surprising confessional of a woman who works for the US Senate and has to strip to make up the shortfall in her income.

She isn’t doing stripping right because she probably pays taxes, otherwise she would be making a hole in the economy rather than worrying about rent. She needs to have a sex work consultation with Huckabee. He clearly knows the secret.

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  1. Dear Ms. Brooks:
    I am glad to see that most of your health issues are behind you and you are able to make a living again in the profession that you are most passionate about. However, since business is so good and you don’t have as much time as you used to for writing why don’t you hire an assistant that can be of service for that facet of your life? Maybe she could be someone who is in the know and someone that you trust and can discuss important topics that are relevant to the profession and any other things that you might want to cover with your newsletter.

  2. Lionel — “Most” of my health issues aren’t behind me, I’ve been very clear on that. A permanent brain injury is permanent, I’m just at the point where I’ve reached my maximum recovery. This does not mean I have zero health issues — far from it.

    I’ve considered hiring an escort assistant but finding someone I mesh with and who I trust is going to be a very rare thing (especially if I insist she knows proper English). My safety is a bigger issue than ever.

  3. Had to laugh about the Huckabee comment. One of my clients friended me on facebook. I see he loves Mike Huckabee, goes to all his crazy “tent conventions” ( I’m thinking of the old time traveling preacher tents).

    I guess even white, married evangelical Christians need happy ending massages!

    1. Sherry — Of all the political issues a politician can discuss, Huckabee chose to focus on non-tay-paying sex workers?? I know. I still wonder just how big does he think the sex industry is to be able to bring down Social Security?

      Tent conventions? Scary and crazy at the same time. But he is a preacher.

      I’m sure Huckabee needs happy endings too! If he were calling for decrim, that would be a whole different thing. Sigh.

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