Not really, but I like the song.

One of the many, many photos shot Monday and Tuesday this week. They aren’t really for this site though. But I liked this and thought I’d share.

Shot by Shoshana of

amanda brooks april 2009

I used GimpShop to edit this and spent a good half hour cursing. Photoshop it is not. Sometimes opensource has its limits.

21 thoughts on “because life is a cabaret

  1. Thoroughly agree with the “hot bitrch” assessment!

    Love every inch of this, but especially the shoulders (I’m weird, I know).

  2. Amanda,

    I think what Greg was trying to say was that you still have the body of a 20 year old, and most of us know how damn hard that is with each passing year. You really do look great.

    So the question that no one has asked is: Where are the rest of the photos?

    Since they are not for this site what site are they for? I want to see. 😉


  3. I’m quite embarassed that my comments didn’t convey the intended message. I didn’t mean to imply anything sinister. I look at myself and see the changes that have occurred with me over the last several years. Most have not been what I would have hoped for. I see your most recent photo and think back to those you had on this web site 7-8 years ago and see that you are “still” beautiful and time has had no effect on you. You have been blessed with good genes.

  4. Robert,

    Very sweet of you, but I haven’t been 23 for a long time!


    Thank you. 😉

    You might like the photographer’s other work. She does pin-up style photography (in addition to her commercial work) and is a growing concern in the Dallas area. I highly recommend her!


  5. I love te colours and lay out of your blog, i really want to get hold of this theme, what are you using?

  6. Anika,

    I’m using Brian Gardner’s old Whitespace theme. Not sure if it’s still available. Look to the right under the Geeky category for his link.


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