Honesty in hotel advertising.

In the tired-trope* category, there’s the supposedly-damning accusation “Prostitutes are only in it for the money” and the frequent rebuttal “I’d rather be a prostitute than work at McDonald’s.” The Onion, as usual, has the correct answer.

*Not the singular of “tired trollops.”

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  1. Why else are we ‘in it’?

    I can get sex anytime I want. I do this because I get paid to be laid.

    Sometimes the sex is not so good, sometimes I do not fancy the guy at all. Nine times out of ten i would not give the guy a second glance in real life, so yes – I’m in it for the money.

    Difference here is – I’m professional. I deliver an excellent service and do not clock watch as I genuinely want my customer to return. You only get out what you put in.

  2. Ant,

    Thank you! One of my long-time dreams is to one day write for The Onion. I would actually be doing it for the perversion rather than the money.


  3. Is it wrong that I read The Onion more seriously than “serious” news outlets? They seem to be the only paper to still have integrity among all its staffers.

  4. David,


    But first, check to make sure your cashier was REALLY there because serving fries gives meaning to their life. If so, then you can’t get a refund.


  5. LOL I may be in trouble then. Everyone at that McDonalds seems really happy. Of course, it may be because of all the coffee they drink (which is what I really order at McDonalds).

  6. David,


    McDonald’s coffee has SOMETHING in it. If I want to stay awake for 36hrs or so, I’ll have one of their coffees. Powerful stuff.


  7. Maccy Dees has always been the poster boy for capitalism. Pay cheap, sell cheap. And people never realise that as long as someone buys from them, you can’t really fault them, can you? I like Maccy Dees, because you KNOW what you are getting. Rather than playing russian roulette at a kebab shop…

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