Because this blog does sometimes cover real-life events, here are some real-life updates in my usual untimely fashion.

search and seizure in texas

After writing about getting my money illegally seized by Texas police, a blog reader investigated. I did indeed get my money back shortly after. It might have been his help, it might’ve just been due process. Either way, I got my money back, plus interest (which I was not expecting). I did not get my purse back.

There were various avenues I tried to pursue for justice or at least for reporting what happened. Nothing really came of any of it. I assume these highway-robbery stories are now so common in America as to arouse little interest. At least in other countries, cops just want standardized bribes for standardized services and will let you go on your way without terrorizing you for hours. I appreciate honesty among thieves.

the american tube sock theory

In case readers don’t think that entire societies buy into this theory, here’s a story that illustrates everything I said and then some. If you’re not completely repulsed by this (on many levels), you need remedial counseling and/or a one-way ticket to India. I could go on a rant here, but I won’t. My flatmate already heard it.



Hermes was flooded this spring while I was in Hong Kong. The video here is amusing: at the very end, the girl says “Hermes is gone!” I’ve watched it several times.

I took these photos last month. The store is still boarded up. There is more than one Hermes store in Singapore so I’m assuming they’re just cutting their losses and collecting the insurance. Considering the water level was several feet deep, I’m also assuming their entire display stock was ruined and possibly a lot of the stock kept in back.

sex and the single escort

There is another solution to the dilemmas I’ve described here: date European guys. They’re a lot more open-minded, as well as being excellent conversationalists and often well-informed about the world we live in.

I’m glad Salacious Celeste is a blog reader and obviously really liked this post since she titled her blog the same. My copyright notice is to the right, Celeste. I’m not really flattered. Googling the phrase brings up two sites: mine and yours. Mine came first. Go rip off someone else for your blog title.

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  1. Alicia,

    She’s not the only one. I’m not laughing though. She’s stealing from my mind — which I consider to be worth far more than what I might ever possibly charge as a rate for my time. I’ve lost my sense of humour over this issue quite a while back.


  2. I’m sorry I haven’t been following your blog as often as I used to. I enjoyed this new layout as well as the subtitle. I like the humor injected to cover a serious subject. Protect what is yours.

  3. Agent009,

    I haven’t gotten an email from you at all. I’ll see if I can reach you.


    No worries. Glad you like the new theme.

    Trying to protect…


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