— If you’re an escort struggling to uniquely express yourself online, maybe try Better Than Great by Arthur Plotnik.

— One could view The Prestige as a tragedy about stealing another’s idea.

— A good friend of mine is trying to rework her site. I really don’t know why she’s trying so hard. She could save so much time and energy by just finding a site she really likes and copying it. Everyone’s doing it!

— If you’re not convinced by the complaining about escort plagiarism you’ve read here, just Google the phrase “Intimacy and closeness are things I crave.” I don’t what poor girl wrote it first (Chelsy Heyden?), but I feel sorry for her.

— At least one escort explains in her FAQ that others steal her text and photos. Really wish IDoNotHaveaBrain was still around with their “Original Content” badge. Would be even easier for them to check with Copyscape. Sigh.

— Escorts should invoice plagiarists. According to the February 2010 issue of Writer’s Digest, freelance rates for webpage writing range from $40-$125/hr (or $0.21-$2.62 per word); email copywriting $64-$125/hr (or $300 per email!); online editing $25-$100/hr (or $3-$4/page). A pretty nice bill when you add up someone taking your entire ad-text and your website pages! Even better if they take some blog posts too — more billable work for you!

— Geisha Diaries made a post about this very topic the same day I did. They offered some good ideas on content-protection.

4 thoughts on “ps: escort plagiarism

  1. A simple disabling of right-clicking dramatically reduced the number of times my text/photos got ganked by some lazy provider/site designer. It doesn’t work for all browsers, and my ad text still gets ripped off sometimes, but it improved the situation considerably.

    However, it was probably not a good idea to disable right-clicking on the page where I specifically request potential clients use copy & paste to send me their screening info. Haha. I had that mistake remain unfixed for several months before someone kindly clued me in!

  2. Carrie — It does help protect things but it’s extremely easy to work around and annoying when I’m trying to right-click on someone’s banner page to open the next site in a new tab, but can’t. Laughing about your screening page snafu!

    Some protection is better than none, though. I’m about to go back to watermarking my pix. Didn’t have to do that internationally because no one cared (internationally-speaking, they just prefer to use copied lingerie catalog pix or celebrity pix instead of stolen escort photos).


  3. It really chaps my ass to see my content copied word for word. I just think “Really? You couldn’t add your own personal flare, paraphrase, or better yet be original?” I never thought of sending them a bill though! The humor and effectiveness of this method is making me giddy right now.

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